Ah, the politics of politics. Ain't it fun?

Last Tuesday's elections reeled in a handful of what are certainly upsets with some lopsided results.

Ah, the politics of politics. Ain’t it fun?

Last Tuesday’s elections reeled in a handful of what are certainly upsets with some lopsided results.

The most impactful, potentially, is upstart Greg Hasty’s thumping of incumbent Kris Franken for Camden County Presiding Commissioner.

Wow. 58.7 percent for Hasty; 41.26 percent for Franken.

The pundits, prognosticators and political scientists will be analyzing that race for a long time. It’s awfully hard to unseat an incumbent, I thought, so I went with predicting that Franken would keep his seat.

The Lake Media editorial staff gathers on election night to collect the results, and I suggested privately that Franken would win by a hair or Hasty would kick fanny.

Kudos to Hasty’s campaign team. It was well organized. Overnight Monday, a new set of Hasty signs went up all over the county to complement the dozens of his signs already up. It was if to say: Pick me, pick me!

And voters did.

Some of us think that planning and zoning issues were Franken’s undoing. In the absence of a P&Z director, he appointed himself to be the interim chairman. From what I read and heard, he ruffled lots of influential feathers over zoning issues involving Paradise Restaurant, anything to do with Gary Prewitt’s properties on Horseshoe Bend and the brouhaha between Franken and Gidget’s Gadgets owner Theresa Townsend.

But let’s not underestimate the depth and breadth of Hasty’s campaign support system. Talk about your well-oiled machine, even taking a page from President Obama’s how-to-win campaign by using social media.

The Facebookers and the Tweeters spread the word for their candidate — Hasty.

Greg Hasty and Commissioner Cliff Luber, another detractor of Franken’s, will make an interesting team. They seem to be of like mind on a lot of subjects, and certainly stood tall against Franken. Where does Bev Thomas, the third commissioner, fit in? Not an envious situation.

Another interesting tidbit: It wasn’t a good day for incumbents who faced a challenge.

The only incumbent to be re-elected to office in either Miller or Camden County where there was a race was Miller County Treasurer Phil Lawson. He beat Randy Russell nearly 3-1.

In Camden County, Hasty beat Franken; Michael Gilley beat incumbent Brian Keedy and challenger Cole Bradbury for county prosecutor. Other incumbents were unopposed.

In Miller County, Ben Winfrey upended incumbent Matt Howard for prosecuting attorney. Incumbents didn’t run for Circuit Court Judge or County Clerk, so there are new faces in those offices as well.

So, another election is history. I can assure you Franken and Keedy are licking their wounds with a lot of introspection.