A slew of criminal charges have been filed against a Linn Creek man after an alleged domestic incident evolved into multiple searches for Michael James Smith last week as he continued to elude law enforcement.

A slew of criminal charges have been filed against a Linn Creek man after an alleged domestic incident evolved into multiple searches for Michael James Smith last week as he continued to elude law enforcement. While Smith is now in jail, at one point, the 37-year-old managed to escape out the window of a police car after being taken into custody when he was tasered following a foot pursuit.

It all started the evening of Sunday, Aug. 3 when Smith allegedly threatened to hurt his girlfriend during an argument. The woman called the police a little before 8:30 p.m. the next day after another encounter with Smith — related to the incident the previous day — reportedly turned physical.

According to the probable cause statement filed by the Camden County Sheriff's Office, the woman identified by the initials MT has four children with Smith ages nine, seven, five and two. They all live together at a residence in Linn Creek.

MT told police she left the house in fear that Sunday evening and hid in the woods nearby, refusing to return when Smith began telling her to come back via texts and calls on Monday.

In communication with a friend via cell phone, MT came out of the woods Monday evening to check on her children because she believed Smith had left them there alone.

As soon as she did, MT said Smith came running at her and attacked her, including choking her and dragging her by her hair.

MT's friend attempted to help her, but Smith attacked the other woman as well, according to the probable cause statement. Identified as HC, the woman managed to get away in her vehicle though Smith reportedly tried to ram her car with another vehicle, yelling that he would kill her if she called the cops. MT managed to escape into the house at this time as well.

MT said her children told her that while she was hiding in the woods, Smith had left them alone without any food and had spanked the two-year-old. They also said he yanked the seven-year-old's hair and drop-kicked the five-year-old down a hallway.

MT said Smith had taken her cell phone so she sent her oldest son to a neighbor's house to call the police.

After managing to get away from Smith, HC drove to a gas station nearby where she made first contact with police.

After arriving on scene, the responding deputy transported MT to the neighbor's house to pick up her son then took them somewhere else to stay.

In HC's statement, she said Smith had shown up at her residence around noon Monday trying to get her help in finding MT. She said she faked calling and texting to get him to go away. She went to MT's house around 7 p.m. to check on the children and found Smith there. After a brief discussion, he asked to borrow her phone and reportedly started texting MT pretending to be HC.

Smith then made her drive him around trying to find MT before having her take him back to the residence. It was then that MT came out of the woods and Smith attacked MT.

In the probable cause statement, the deputy also reported that MT had dried blood around her mouth and a small cut inside her lip. Scratches were observed on HC's leg as well as a cut on her lip.

For this incident, Smith is facing one count of Domestic Assault in the First Degree, Domestic Assault in the Second Degree, Assault in the Second Degree and Assault in the Third Degree.

Smith, however, was not found at the time of the incident. He would not be taken into custody until Saturday after three separate chases by deputies.

According to another probable cause statement filed by the Camden County Sheriff's Office, several deputies were dispatched to the area around Smith's home in Linn Creek in an attempt to locate him on Wednesday, Aug. 6. While in the area, a deputy observed Smith in his vehicle traveling northbound on Route A near Lowell Williams Drive. The deputy pursued Smith but lost sight of him in the area of Hackberry Trace Rd. and The Willowes Restaurant. Additional deputies responding to the area were unable to relocated Smith.

Then on Aug. 9, a deputy was again sent to the area to try to locate Smith. As the deputy checked the residence, Smith fled out the back door and the deputy pursued him on foot into the woods about 200 yards. Ordering Smith to stop running and that he was under arrest, Smith fell to the ground before getting up and running another 100 yards before falling down again.

The deputy ordered him a second time to lie on his stomach but it appeared Smith began to get up again. At this time, the deputy tasered Smith and took him into custody, recovering at Smith's feet two glass pipes commonly used for smoking methamphetamine.

The deputy took Smith back to the residence and Smith said he had some meth in his pocket. Upon searching him, the deputy found a small plastic baggie containing a white crystalline substance. The presumed meth was later weighed at 0.5 grams.

Smith was placed, handcuffed, in the back seat of the patrol vehicle while the deputy searched the area for a handgun Smith is known to carry on him.

It was at this time, Smith apparently slipped the handcuffs around to his front and escaped through the window of the car. He ran into the woods despite repeated commands to stop. The deputy chased Smith into the woods about 500 yards before losing sight of him.

Attempting to flee police, Smith forced entry into a garage attached to a residence on Route A by kicking in the pedestrian door. The homeowner, a female home alone at the time, heard the noise and walked into the garage and saw Smith there. She immediately called 911 to report an intruder.

Smith fled and was spotted again in the area of Route A and Thousand Acres Rd. Deputies caught up with him this time around 8 p.m. Saturday. After another foot pursuit, Smith resisted attempts to take him into custody and he had to be subdued with physical force.

Smith was transported to the Camden County jail where he was found to be in possession of approximately four grams of marijuana.

For this second round of incidents, Smith has been charged with Burglary in the First Degree, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Resisting Arrest for a Felony, Escape from Custody While Under Arrest for a Felony, Possession of up to 35 grams of Marijuana and Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia.