Lake Bloomers Garden Club Yard of the Month award goes to Patty and Pat Logue of Sunrise Beach.

Lake Bloomers Garden Club Yard of the Month award goes to Patty and Pat Logue of Sunrise Beach. This time of year it takes passionate and dedicated gardeners to maintain a prime-condition landscape. The temperature goes up and the rainfall diminishes, but the Logue’s gardens are lush and colorful — a reflection of their loving care.

The yard is large and contains several flower gardens, grassy areas, vegetable gardens, sitting areas and a compost pile. All of this has to be hand watered as they do not have an in-ground irrigation system.

Patty first started gardening and having an interest in flowers when she moved to the lake area in the ‘70s. She was owner/operator of Sunset Inn Resort in Sunrise Beach while teaching at Hurricane Deck School for 29 years. Her son, Bruce, currently runs the resort. Pat worked in the healthcare industry; now both Pat and Patty are retired so they can pursue gardening, pickle ball and tennis.

In 1999, they moved to a lakeside home, and she became a “DIY” landscaper and gardener. She built walkways, walls and various flower beds.

Between the road and the house, a stunning circular garden greets visitors. Patty has divided up this large space with a couple of pathways and an arbor/bench. These paths allow the gardener and visitors to have access to the center of the garden. The fact that it is on a slight slope makes it even more spectacular — you can almost see each and every plant. The garden is a riot of color — full of natives, perennials and annuals. Patty feels like perennials are as much work as annuals, so she doesn’t shy away from using coleus, zinnas, and marigolds to fill in between the crepe myrtle, hostas, aster bushes, cat mint and coral bells.

Also, in the roadside yard are two large raised-bed vegetable gardens featuring early girl tomatoes, lemon drop tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, green peppers and zinnias. There are even blackberries alongside the raised beds.

Pat and Patty call the garden next to the house “The Wild Garden”. It got that name because everything growing there―butternut squash, large sunflowers, and cone flowers are all volunteers. They obviously love the space — they are indeed wild!

After a day filled with pruning, dead heading, harvesting veggies and watering, the couple can relax in a cozy sitting area either under the deck or on the front lawn looking out over the lake and their gardens.