Forty-five years ago on July 20, the first men landed on the moon. Those of us old enough to remember likely know what we were doing at the exact moment.

Forty-five years ago on July 20, the first men landed on the moon. Those of us old enough to remember likely know what we were doing at the exact moment. I happen to be in the cab of a moving van somewhere in the middle of Nebraska desperately trying to find a radio station to hear the news, which was broadcasting the landing live. Through all the static, I heard the words uttered by Neil Armstrong, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

What a marvelous feeling of pride! In a matter of nine short years from when President John F. Kennedy challenged the country to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade, the amazing feat was accomplished.

Through the brilliance and perseverance of NASA engineers, the bravery of our astronauts and the support of the American people, there were several more missions to the moon. With the cooperation of other countries, an international space station was constructed and many missions were flown there through the American Space Shuttle program.

Even unmanned missions to Mars were conceived and realized through the vigorous efforts of scientists in cooperation with NASA. America was the leader in space exploration and what pride and excitement it brought to people―here and abroad―of all ages. America lived up to its promise as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity.

Unfortunately, in recent years, “change” has left our space program gutted, in part, for outreach to Muslims. We no longer have a shuttle program to get our astronauts to and from the International Space Station. We rely now on the Russians to get us there and back.

The “change” has carried over to our foreign policy. Our allies no longer can trust that the United States will stand by them. While there are still people in oppressed countries who seek asylum in our country, the bright shining light called America seems to be dimming. Muslims — the very people we have given billions of aid to —have declared war on all “non-believers,” particularly Americans.

Our economy is sluggish and our welfare system has grown exponentially. Our healthcare system―also once the envy of the world―is descending into third world caliber, not because of the doctors, nurses, and hospitals, but because of a government that has decided it is much better qualified to take care of its citizens.

We have a “transparent” administration which spies on its citizens, targets through the IRS groups that are opposed to its ideology and then covers up any investigation. We have an administration that bases every decision on textbook theory and not on real-world experience. For that matter, there are few in this administration with ANY real-world experience.

In short, what we have is an administration which is willing to guide the freest, most benevolent, country--a country whose economic system has raised more people out of poverty than any country in the history of mankind, a country whose military has been a force for good in blocking and defeating the world’s bullies--into the abyss of third world status.

We can’t afford to let misguided and naïve policies continue to be implemented. We can’t afford to keep electing “symbols” to lead our country. Regardless of race or gender, it is time we elect leaders who believe in the American legacy and will restore the pride to this great country we call the United States of America.