1 Cheers to
this election cycle being over. With most of the county races decided (point to a lack of diverse candidates), it’s time to get to business fixing what’s broken in our area.

2 Cheers to
the organizers of Passport to the Parkway, a program designed to guide people to west Osage Beach. The results are yet to be determined, but we’re excited that something is being done.

3 Cheers to
the success of the teams at the annual Hillbilly BBQ Cookoff.

1 Jeers to
Aaron Fisher, who, after, four and a half years, pleaded guilty last week to forcible sodomy in a shocking case of child abuse. This case has been back and forth, up and down and sideways. On one hand, it’s good this case is finally coming to close, but why did the pain have to be dragged out for so long?

2 Jeers to
imprudent drivers for making our roads a more dangerous place. Slow down, pay attention and always wear your seat belt.