According to the Camdenton Police Department in 2013, there were 156 motor vehicle crashes that occurred inside the city limits of Camdenton and 171 in 2012. Officials say that most of these motor vehicle crashes were avoidable.

The majority of the reasons for the motor vehicle crashes in 2013 were: inattention, 22 percent; fail to yield, 26 percent; and following too close, 15 percent.

All of these reasons are a part of "Operation Safe Way" which is happening in Camdenton on August 6 and 7. This driving campaign addresses certain behaviors on the road that contribute to aggressive driving.

"The purpose of this campaign is education," Police Officer Chris Williams said.

Two officers each day are dedicated to this campaign but still go on other calls if needed. The officers aim to police the streets during the normal morning drive time, lunch time and afternoon hours.

"Camdenton especially on the lunch hour, the traffic is so heavy," Williams said. "They [motorists] need to give themselves extra time."

While patrolling the streets on Camdenton on Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Williams made four traffic stops. The stops were made for violations such as following too close, not coming to a full stop at a stop sign and accelerating in the turning lane.

Each officer uses their own discretion when it comes to issuing tickets. Most of the motorists stopped received a warning. All also received an Operation Safe Way hand out and an aggressive driving booklet.

Most of the drivers stopped are appreciative for the campaign once the officer explains it to them.

Williams hopes that this campaign will not only educate the public but make the roads safer at the same time.

This is the seventeenth year for Operation Safe Way.