Yes, yes, the same old speech: Don't forget to vote next Tuesday, Aug. 5.

Yes, yes, the same old speech: Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, Aug. 5.

It becomes cliché to cajole voters to drag themselves to the polls. But it becomes more and more important, whether it’s at the local level or nationally.

Politics is out of control in Camden County, or at least that’s the perception. And as we’ve learned here at the Lake of the Ozarks, perception is reality.

We the people must regain control of our political and social destiny. The infighting among the Camden County Commissioners is embarrassing; it’s childish; it’s testosterone at its worst.

Sadly, the race is not about picking the best candidate but is about avoiding the worst. I suspect Kris Franken will win, but Greg Hasty has a wiley political base that could pull the upset. As usual, it depends on the turnout. A low turnout could doom Franken because Hasty will have his brethren in line.

It’s the democratic way to have choices at the ballot box, and for that we should be thankful. Anyone willing to rearrange their lives to become a civil servant is worthy of at least some consideration.

So, strap on your boots next week, dust off your ID card and motor to the proper polling place and vote.