The Lake Ozark Street Department building on School Road will begin to get a facelift after the board of aldermen Tuesday night authorized city staff to move forward.

The Lake Ozark Street Department building on School Road will begin to get a facelift after the board of aldermen Tuesday night authorized city staff to move forward.

The building is in disrepair and recent estimates to build a new Public Works facility top the million-dollar mark. So, the city will make some basic repairs to the building so it is a safe, functional facility with an eye to some day building a new building.

The roof and drainage system, a new electric service and a natural gas furnace were approved on a 4-1 vote, with Alderman Tony Otto casting the no vote. Voting in favor were Aldermen Gerry Murawski, Larry Buschjost, Judy Neels and Betsey Browning. Pat Thompson was absent.

Estimated cost of each is as follows:

New roof, gutters, downspouts, gutter guards and icebreakers -- $14,300

New electric service -- $20,510. Work will include removal of existing electric service and installation of a new meter base, load center, lights, receptacles, switches, wiring, etc.

Natural gas furnace -- $4,247. The furnace will heat two bays, a bathroom and break/lunch room.

Left to consider at a future meeting is new insulation which is estimated to cost between $35,000 and $40,000.

Alderman Neels was cautious about “spending a lot of money on an old building.” She wondered if a new building might be a better approach, but city staff explained the size of a building would be limited to the existing footprint ― not big enough to house all of the equipment.

“Because of the way the property lays, we can’t do more than what we have now,” City Administrator Van Dee said.

The city is pursuing a short-term solution to an old problem with limited resources, he told the board. Van Dee has reworked the Street Department budget to cover the projects without affecting the critical operations of the department.

But Alderman Buschjost questioned why the building has been allowed to deteriorate.

“How did we get to this point in the first place?” he asked. “How come we haven’t done any maintenance over the years? I’m at a loss that somebody didn’t bring these problems to the board when it was a small issue instead of an $80,000, $90,000 or $100,000 issue.”

Matt Michalik, public works director, said he and his staff inherited the building and its condition when they began working for the city.

“We’d be having his very same conversation if we’d brought it to the board several years ago,” he said.

Realizing the repairs are necessary, Buschjost said he he’d support the projects. “But I don’t understand why somebody didn’t come to us before now. This doesn’t happen overnight.”

Mutual aid

Action on a mutual aid agreement with the Miller County Sheriff’s Department was tabled for a second time because one board member was absent and because a Miller County Sheriff’s Department representative was unable to attend.

The city of Lake Ozark and the MCSD have a jurisdictional issue over territories. The LO city limits ― including Lakeside ― stops at Bagnell Dam and any incidents outside the city limits require permission from or a request from the MCSD to take action.

The city hopes to resolve the issue to reduce the response time to incidents, and to protect the city from any liability issues.

Fish Haven

The board approved a resolution supporting the next phase of the Fish Haven housing project. The board already supports the Fish Haven Apartment complex, and now backs a $5.5 million, 44-unit senior living project.

The three-story building will have elevators and will be designed for residents 62 years and older.

Application deadline for the Missouri Housing Development Commission funds is Sept. 5.