Girls from Camdenton, Eldon, Morgan County and Osage faced teams from around the state yesterday

Eldon’s and Osage Beach's schools were alive with activity yesterday as the Licking Camp volleyball teams descended on both campuses. Among the many teams were the host school, the Morgan County High School Tigers and the Camdenton High School Lakers.
As with many other camps, evaluation of individual and team execution were more of a priority than wins and losses, despite the fact that the camp featured live competition.
One thing that stood out about the Indians' play was their athleticism and ability to execute on their dig opportunities.
“We’re improving from game to game. We were still a little sleepy in our first game. We’re still getting used to who is on the court with them and different rotations. We have a pretty new team this year. We definitely improved on not letting the ball drop. We were going for more balls and getting those scrappy balls up. We improved from the first to the second game and that’s what I like to see,” Osage head coach Amy Guerin commented.
The audible energy that the Tigers exuded was hard to miss.
“Our communication was much better since our last shootout. Whenever we are moving and talking our enthusiasm is much better. We play better when that enthusiasm is there,” Morgan County head coach Cheryl Wilson said.
In many ways it was obvious that it’s still early in the season, however. There were some sloppy moments for every team in action.
“We need to be a little more aggressive on the net. We have some young players out there so we have to get their shell shock out of their system so they can be aggressive at the net and swing away,” Geurin explained.
“We need to work on our defense and blocking. Movement on defense and reading the block isn’t good. We’re late on defense, so, definitely when practice time comes around we will be hitting defense and blocking,” Wilson added.
The Indians weren’t the only team with a lot of youth out on the court yesterday.
“Not everybody that will normally be playing is always showing up so I’ve got a lot of younger girls that are getting a lot of very valuable experience. That is really helping them,” Wilson explained.
Camdenton’s all-freshman squad is physically imposing for their young age.
“I liked that we showed a lot of hustle and competitiveness. Playing JV teams as a freshman team is good for us.  We are very athletic. Fundamentally we are very sound. I think this is going to be a good year. We have played in two other camps besides this one and did well in both of those. Being a freshman coach I get a new group every year and this gives me a chance to get to know their personalities and how they need to be coached. It also lets me see positions, who excels at which spots. It’s all useful,” Camdenton’s freshman coach Stacy Asante elaborated.
The players spent a lot of time on the floor and in the air yesterday. Whatever the scoreboard showed at the end of the games, all these student-athletes gained valuable experience and improved their skills. Games will continue today in Eldon and Osage Beach.