A bike trip on the Katy Trail would give you an up close, first-hand experience of Missouri’s bountiful landscape.

Being a Missourian undoubtedly has its perks when it comes to finding a weekend retreat. If your fancy lies with big city fun, one won’t have to look hard. But, if one is looking to get away from the bright lights, the beautiful, rolling greens of the great outdoors are Missouri’s specialty. A bike trip on the Katy Trail would give you an up close, first-hand experience of Missouri’s bountiful landscape.

Begin your journey just outside Columbia in the small town of Huntsdale. There, you will find Katfish Katy’s Campground, a large, quaint site located directly on the Missouri River. But what the main attraction is that the Katy Trail passes right through. Hop on your bike, and get ready for a wonderful ride.

The trail gently rolls on a flat, gravel terrain. It’s easy to get lost in the enthralling journey. The wind whipping past you, the sun gleaming on your back, the pounding of your muscles as you pedal, it all adds to the fun. If you get tired, there are some benches and other resting sites along the way for you to catch your breath. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Don’t forget to enjoy your time outdoors. This leg of the Katy Trail runs parallel to the Missouri River, giving you a unique opportunity to enjoy the wildlife.

After biking approximately 10 miles, you’ll reach the charming town of Rocheport. It’s a small town that offers a peaceful place to rest and recuperate after a long bike outing. In a fast-paced society, this small town promises a tranquil stay.

You can ride straight from the trail into the Trailside Café and Bike Shop for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. There, you can park your cycle on the bike racks outside and enjoy a diverse menu of goods to quench your appetite. If you’re looking to find somewhere to relax inside, pedal over to Abigail’s for local cuisine. The restaurant, fondly named after their daughter, is team run by two spouses, Chef Todd and Susan Shapira, who have approximately a combined 50 years of experience in the food service industry.

Once you’ve regained your strength, hop back onto your cycle and bike back the way you came. Take your time and relax on the trek back. There are plenty of photo ops along the way to take for added memories. Once back, your journey doesn’t have to end. Katfish Katy’s offers great camping and RV sites, access into the Missouri River for boating, and of course there are huge fish to reel in.

So take a trip down to see Katfish Katy on the Katy Trail for a memorable biking experience.