1 Cheers to
the opening of a Veterans Service Office in Osage Beach. We’re thrilled local vets won’t have to travel nearly so far to other offices.

2 Cheers to
“Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” for filming in our area for an upcoming episode. We agree, the lake can be a great family destination.

3 Cheers to
TCLA and CVB for implementing tourism billboards in the Kansas City area of the state.

1 Jeers to
the Eldon Puff N Snuff store for evidence unveiled that shows the business sold synthetic cannabinoids. We don’t need that in our area; we support the Miller County Prosecuting Attorney in his efforts to close the building as a public nuisance.

2 Jeers to
pilots of small vessels and PWCs that try to take on the wakes of large vessels on the main channel during the busiest  times. We know the thrill can get the blood pumping, but large vessels are a reality on our lake and for safety’s sake, you have to heed the dangers associated with them.