In the August 5 primary, voters in Morgan County will have a choice for Associate Judge. Jeffrey E. Green is challenging incumbent Kevin Schehr for the position. Both are Republicans.

In the August 5 primary, voters in Morgan County will have a choice for Associate Judge. Jeffrey E. Green is challenging incumbent Kevin Schehr for the position. Both are Republicans.

Professional background/qualifications:


• 18 years in private practice including 14 years as a Municipal Prosecuting Attorney
• 15 years working for a fortune 50 corporation in computer information systems  
• 6 years in a family owned small business
As a judge, a legal background and experience are required to navigate the complex legal issues presented.  My formal education provides the background required for the position and my 18 years of experience handling all the different types of cases that will present themselves have prepared me for this position.  Having a legal background in itself does not prepare one for dealing with the public and the many other issues that arise in a position of Judge.  My experience with people having a variety of educational, social, economic and real life experiences has given me the understanding and patience to consider all the emotions, personal feelings, and the differing opinions that present themselves when making decision that often times have a major impact on the lives of people.  And as our courts move to electronic filing, my experience in computer information systems only adds to my ability to deal with the changes that will occur.   

Schehr: Before becoming the Associate Circuit Judge of Morgan County I practiced law in Versailles for 17 years.  During that time I gained experience in handling all of the types of cases which now appear before me.  I have been the Morgan County Associate Circuit Judge for the past 12 years.  I am always learning, and it is my belief that I will always continue to learn.


• 1978 graduate Tipton High School
• 1980 graduate State Fair Community College Associate of Arts
• 1983 graduate Central Missouri State University  
• Bachelor of Science: Double Major - Computer Programming/Business Administration
• 1992 graduate St. Louis University School of Law Juris Doctorate

Schehr: I grew up and attended elementary school and high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although not in my same grade level, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, went to the same schools as me. For college I attended a small college in Indiana called Wabash College. It was comparable to Westminster College here in Missouri. After graduating from Wabash, I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia as a graduate teaching assistant in English and earned a Masters degree in English from Mizzou.  I then began course work on a PhD in English Education, and as part of that program I took a job teaching English at Ashland High School. While there I met my future wife, Patti, who was from Versailles. With a little nudging (and a great deal of support)  from her, I went to law school at Mizzou and got my law degree from there in 1985.

Personal background:

Green: I have been married to my wife for 29 years and we have three daughters, all currently attending college. We attend the Versailles United Methodist Church and reside in Rocky Mount. While growing up in Tipton, my parents were small business owners for many years and I worked in all aspects of the business, from store operations to small engine repair and auto mechanic. I gained significant experience in repairing small engines, automobiles and appliances as well as electrical and plumbing work as necessary for installation of most all home appliance and plumbing needs. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts has been a part of my life since birth.  I am an Eagle Scout and a longtime supporter of Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of America.    When the position of liaison for Versailles United Methodist Church and Versailles Boy Scout Troop 30 became open, I accepted the position believing the relationship between the Church and the Boy Scout Troop is vital for both organizations. I enjoy the outdoors and am an avid deer hunter.  I am a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan and enjoy football, both College and professional, and watching NASCAR.

Schehr: I was married to my wife, the former Patti Eppright for 31 years.  She was a life-long resident  of Versailles  until her untimely death last year.  We had one daughter, Mallory, who, I am proud to say, has returned to Versailles as a veterinarian at Chapman Animal Clinic.  She is married to Seth Hutchison, and they keep promising me that I will have grandchildren some day!!!

Community involvement:
Green:  When my daughters were young I worked with YMCA and established and coached girls soccer teams to keep our children and their friends fit, healthy and active. We participated each year in the Show Me State Games. I try to stay active in my Church and am a Charter Member of both the Arlington and Wesley United Methodist Church Men's Clubs and have served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. I have also established an Endowment Fund and helped produce the information necessary to promote and educate those interested in leaving a bequest through their Will or Trust from their Estate. I have worked with Habitat for Humanity on many occasions to assist in providing homes for those less fortunate while giving those individuals some pride of ownership. Through all of these I have learned that staying active, creating a sense of teamwork, and helping create a sense of pride and ownership truly give people a sense of belonging to a community in which they can have success.

Schehr: My involvement in my community has been extensive.  I have lived and worked in the same city for 29 years.  I do not generally like to toot my own horn, but you asked, so here goes:
Associate Circuit Judge of Morgan County 2003 to present. First elected in 2002, and re-elected in 2006 and 2010. Republican
Municipal Judge for the City of Stover 2003 to present.
Prosecuting attorney for the City of Stover from 1990 to 2002
President  of  the Morgan County  Agricultural and Mechanical Society, otherwise known as the fair board, from 1991 to 2013.
Member of the Children's House Day Care Center board of directors since 1988.
Past president and past member of the board of directors of the Rolling Hills Country Club.
Former member of the board of directors and past President of the Royal Arts Council.
Current President of the Morgan County chapter of the Missouri Alumni Association.
Former regional representative to the University of Missouri Alumni Athletic Committee.
Past President and member of the Versailles Lions Club since 1985.
Member of the Versailles Park Board from 1997 to 2002.
Previously served on the Morgan County Mental Health Board.
Active member of St. Philip Benizi catholic church, and lead singer of the choir.

Vote For Me Because:
Green: They say that Wisdom comes from making mistakes. In 18 years of practicing law, I have seen the consequences of a legal system that often does not use common sense and assure the dignity and respect people deserve. I intend to bring "common sense" to the court along with my years of experience and training while assuring every person in the courtroom is treated with respect.  Many times a change is needed for an organization to move forward.  I believe it is time for a change and I can provide that to the people of Morgan County.   

Schehr: I am the best candidate for the job.

Is the caseload in Morgan County growing and, if so, what can be done at the associate judge level to meet that challenge?
Green: The caseload in Morgan County has been generally holding steady.  In Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 there were approximately 2,350 cases filed, in FY 2012 there were approximately 2,380 cases filed, in FY 2013 there were approximately 2,280 cases filed.  While some specific areas seem to have slight increases and decreases on an annual basis, those changes fluctuate only about 10% each year.     

Schehr: Over the last five years Morgan County has averaged about 2,400 new cases a year.  I am proud to say that we dispose of more cases than that each year, so we are  catching up on the backlog of cases that existed when I first took office.  I do not have, nor have I ever had, and cases taken under advisement. That means no one is waiting on me to make a decision in any pending case. The clerks in the court system are working very hard. We could use more of them, and they deserve to be better paid for the job they do.  God bless them.

What is the most common type of case associate judges deal with in Morgan County?
Green: Strictly looking at the number of cases filed each year, traffic offenses lead the list.  However, criminal Misdemeanor cases, and within that category, drug and alcohol cases lead the way.  Within the 26th Circuit which is comprised of Morgan, Miller, Moniteau, Camden and Laclede Counties, only Moniteau has fewer cases filed annually.     

Schehr: Unfortunately, my case load is dominated by the criminal  docket.  With the exception of certain civil actions for amounts in excess of $25,000, all other cases filed in Morgan County, come before me,  This includes all felony criminal filings at least until a preliminary hearing has either been held or waived..  In addition to these cases, I also handle all domestic relations cases (divorces, paternity cases, ex parte orders of protection, etc.) and all probate cases.  I'm a busy guy, but I love my job.

How would you describe what your courtroom style is or would be, and why do you believe in that practice?
Green: I have always said there are 2 places that should be held in the highest regard with respect and integrity; the church and our courtroom.  My experience has taught me when people are excited, stressed, concerned, mourning or dealing with other high emotional situations that are almost always present in the courtroom, they are also extremely nervous.  My style is to put people at ease as best I can and allow each party to present their case, all while striving to make sure the parties understand the Court's decisions.   
I would appreciate your vote August 5th!

Schehr: In general, I try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the courtroom. People are usually very nervous when in court, and I often lighten the atmosphere with my sense of humor. Some people don't like that, but I have had a lot more people tell me they appreciate it than those who do not.  I have a very short fuse, however, when it comes to any showing of disrespect or what I refer to as "attitude" in the courtroom.  I once overheard a defense attorney tell his client  "Judge Schehr  is a nice guy, but if you cross him he can become a fire-breathing dragon."  I think that is an accurate description.