1 Cheers to
the Camden County Child Advocacy Council for committing t get children what they need to attend school fully prepared.

2 Cheers to
“Family Travel with Colleen Keely” choosing the lake area to feature as a family-friendly destination. The area needs some good PR and we hope this helps.

3 Cheers to
Eldon Career Center for adding a RN program through SFCC. It’s great to see the expanding education opportunities in the Eldon area.

1 Jeers to
Camden County Commissioners Kris Franken and Cliff Luber for the poor showing of decorum at the July 10 commission meeting. The shouting match ended with an abrupt adjournment and nothing getting accomplished. Again. Commissioners would be wise to remember audio from the meeting is available to the public; they’re not likely to forget it come election time. This year or in two years.

2 Jeers to
the turkey byproduct spill at the Square Monday morning. The rank smell lingered for hours.