There's a notice that the Veterans Services officer is holding office hours five days a week at the Osage Beach City Hall.

There’s a notice that the Veterans Services officer is holding office hours five days a week at the Osage Beach City Hall.

This is a relatively new location for the Veterans office.

That’s good to know because if there’s any segment of our population that deserves special attention and respect, it’s our veterans. There’s been much ado in the news the last several months about fraud, mismanagement and general incompetence within the Veterans Affairs Commission, and at several local offices around the country.

We’ve heard of no issues in the lake area.

My dad is a veteran of “The Big One” and began taking advantage of veteran medical services when he took full retirement about 25 years ago. The closest office then was 25 miles away in Shenandoah, Iowa. An acquaintance in Shenandoah worked hard for years to get a local office so southwest Iowa veterans didn’t have to drive to Des Moines or Council Bluffs, Iowa, for services.

As my dad grew older and became more and more dependent on medical care, his trips to the VA doctors became more frequent. In fact, our conversations often were more about his appointments to see the doctor than anything else.

Looking back, when my mom was still alive, our phone conversations were dominated by stories about their trips to the eye doctor, the dentist, a specialists for this ache or another doctor for another ailment.

I don’t recall any complaints about the quality of care he received, nor any issues with appointments.

As a resident of a retirement community North Kansas City now, he is under the watchful eye of my sister who arranges for his various appointments at the Veterans Hospital or local clinic.

As his health has continued to dwindle, we’ve considered the Veterans Home in Cameron, Mo., about 30 minutes north of KC. About a year ago, being told it could take more than a year to get in to the facility, we applied.

Well, lo and behold, in seven months a spot opened up. After lengthy discussions between my sister and our dad, it’s been decided that John remains capable of caring for himself and that he’ll stay in the Riverstone Retirement Resort — for now.

His name is back on the list for another day.

His experiences with the Veterans Affairs people have been nothing less than stellar.

Sounds like he’s among the lucky ones.