Lake Regional Health System is now taking registrations for the Show-Me Better Health program in Versailles.

Lake Regional Health System is now taking registrations for the Show-Me Better Health program in Versailles. 

The program, designed to help area residents manage ongoing health issues, like diabetes, heart disease and chronic pain, lasts seven weeks.

Participants meet the first week for orientation and an optional free health screening, then 2.5 hours weekly for six weeks to develop needed skills and receive support.

Sessions cover topics related to living with a chronic condition, including goal setting, exercise, nutrition, communicating with health professionals, managing emotions, medications and stress reduction.

 SMBH is a series of free workshops scheduled every Thursday, beginning at 10 a.m. July 10, at the Morgan County Library, 600 N. Hunter St., Versailles.

 “I recommend the program to anyone with an ongoing health concern,” said Camden County SMBH participant Georgianna Bruen. “You don’t have to suffer. You should look into your situation and see what’s available to you, and through this program you can learn how to be better off.”

 Bruen suffered from painful chronic arthritis. Through SMBH she has since learned how to minimize the pain through exercise.

Bruen’s husband, Charles, attended the program in support of his wife but discovered a health concern of his own.

 “During the health screening provided at the first meeting, he found out he had high cholesterol,” Georgianna Bruen said. “As a result, he got the medical attention he needed and started exercising as his doctor prescribed. Now, his cholesterol is at a much healthier level.”

 Each week, participants will meet to set goals and share ideas.

During the second session, participants will receive a free book and DVD. Participants each may bring one guest.

A light meal will be provided at no cost to participants.

 Previous Morgan County Show-Me Better Health participants are encouraged to attend the July 10 session for a free follow-up health screening.

 “Lake Regional has continued to offer this free service for almost two years in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties,” said Program Coordinator Mitch Shields. “All of our instructors are required to attend training programs developed by Stanford University, which created the course model, before being allowed to oversee the course.”

 Space is limited, and registration is required. For information, including additional workshop dates, or to register, visit or call 573-348-8222.

 Additional workshops will be offered on an ongoing basis, rotating among locations in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties.