True love is not a just something found in a fairytale for two residents of Osage Beach Rehabilitation & Health Care Center.

True love is not a just something found in a fairytale for two residents of Osage Beach Rehabilitation & Health Care Center. Roma Kathleen Huett, 70, of Benton, Ark., met Terry Joe Penn, 63, of Poplar Bluff, Mo., months ago while playing gin rummy at the home. As the two continued to see each other during routine Bingo games, a spark was found and budded into a real life romance.

“We started playing gin rummy here and I looked into her eyes and I guess she looked into my eyes,” Penn said. “We kind of started that way and started playing Bingo together here too and next thing you know, we started talking. The talk started increasing from there.”

The pair started dating in December and got engaged just a few months later.

When asked what they love about each other, Penn replied, “her smile.”

Huett chimed in and said, “his lips.”

“I won’t let her forget that,” Penn said after hearing Huett’s response. “I’m going to hold her to that.”

On June 27 around 10 a.m. surrounded by Rehab Center staff and friends, the 70-year-old and 63-year-old pledged to love each other for better or worse, richer or poorer ‘til death do them part.

Friend Ellery Thomas conducted the ceremony. Maid of Honor, Gwinn Wiederhoft, Osage Rehab Center staff member stood beside Huett while best man and resident Don Hamilton stood beside Penn.

The great room near the dining area of the center was turned into a venue fit for the wedding of their dreams. Cream, white and silver décor lined the space. Huett donned a blue dress and white veil and was rolled down the aisle by Shad Hanes, a nurse at the center.

The entire staff pitched in and made the day perfect for the couple.

“It feels exciting and happy too,” Penn said of his wedding day. “It feels really good. They are good friends. It’s not the rehab center, it’s like home.”

Both have been married before but this time was different.

“I’ve never had anyone treat me so nice,” Huett said of her new husband.

For their honeymoon, the couple were heading to the Bingo Hall in Camdenton. Why Bingo? That’s easy.

“That’s how we met,” Penn said. “We just enjoy life together.”

They plan on moving into a room together at the center soon, but for now they will continue to enjoying their new life together.

“She likes shopping and I let her spend the money,” Penn said.

Before the pair left to enjoy their honeymoon at the Bingo Hall, they gave advice to young newlyweds and individuals in the dating game.

“Make sure it’s the true one,” Penn said.

“You’ll just know,” Huett added.