I do have a strong opinion on the release of Bowe Bergdahl and here it is. Bergdahl is not some poor young man disillusioned. He is a trained soldier!

I do have a strong opinion on the release of Bowe Bergdahl and here it is. Bergdahl is not some poor young man disillusioned. He is a trained soldier! Soldiers are taught that their lives on the battlefield depend on their brother soldier next to them. You do not author incendiary “stuff” belittling your country and fellow soldiers in e-mail and then desert your post in search of the enemy, broadcasting on shortwave, that you are looking for English-speaking terrorists. He was not a prisoner captured from the battlefield, nor did he serve with ‘honor and distinction. We have an all-volunteer army so we no longer draft our young people into service. Joining the Army was his choice!

Yes there is a problem when our President trades a soldier, who deserted with the possibility of treason, for the Taliban Dream Team. One of these terrorists was an architect of the 9/11 attack and two others ran Osama bin Laden’s training camps. We lost over 3,000 American citizens at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in a field in Shanksville, Penn., not to mention the lives of all those first responders.

These terrorists used passenger planes, filled with people and flew them into buildings full of more people. That’s hubris! I lost friends and co-workers at the Pentagon, so you will understand that I take cavalier attitudes towards the release at heart. Governance comes from the people and the people are worried. Responsibility may be given but trust must be earned and this President has broken that trust with the People. This is not hubris but fact!

Men from Bergdahl’s unit were required by duty as brother soldiers to look for him. Some lost their lives, that’s fact! Those men are the real soldiers, because they believe in duty, honor and service to their Country. All Federal employees, soldiers and even the commander-in-chief are obligated to protect this country from harm. Freeing these five notorious war criminals do just the opposite. Most anyone who has worked in the intelligence community will tell you that it’s not IF we will be attacked again, but WHEN. By releasing these five terrorist generals, WHEN may come sooner rather than later. This is not just a bump in the road, but a huge sink hole we may have to deal with in the very near future. And this Presidents bridge building skills are not up to our American values.

Armchair philosophy is how this particular decision was probably made. But then armchair philosophers can’t tell the difference between a redneck from a radical Muslim in America. Let me give you a hint, rednecks believe in God and Country, they usually have strong family ties, and they feel that their first amendment right of free speech and the free exercise of their religious beliefs along with their second amendment right to bear arms should be the eleventh and twelfth commandments from God. Radical Muslim beliefs come from a medieval religious theocracy; it’s join them or off with your head.

To all soldiers, veterans and their family members who may read this, thank you so much for your service and sacrifice. May God watch over you and keep you safe and may he keep you and yours in the palm of his hand.