1 Cheers to
area school districts for passing the annual school bus inspections with flying colors.

2 Cheers to
the bicyclists who will arrive in the lake area this week as part of Race Across America. We admire your strength and determination.

3 Cheers to
American Legion Post 229 for respectfully retiring more than 300 flags this weekend. Thank you for showing Old Glory the respect it deserves.

1 Jeers to
Dennis Leporin, the man who leaded guilty to killing a Camdenton teenager when he drove the wrong way on Highway 54. A senseless act has ended one life and ruined several more. We can’t comprehend how this happened.

2 Jeers to
people who make the roads and waters unsafe by driving impaired. This time of the year is especially dangerous on our roads with the influx of visitors. We are all about people having a good time, but do so responsibly.