Our Founders would be appalled at the state of government in Camden County.

Our Founders would be appalled at the state of government in Camden County. They have entered into a fourth branch of government known as the ‘administrative state’ through their Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z). This bureaucracy is empowered with a broad governing authority through regulations that gives this commission the authority of judge, jury, and executioner. At the local level it performs an end around the consent of the governed. It has become a fiefdom, a sphere of operation and control.

I listened to a recording of a Camden County public meeting . In the opening remarks, a tax paying citizen was verbally assaulted and her credibility was questioned in a public forum. The presiding commissioner belittled her and then would not acknowledge her questions. This same commissioner promised to activate the coordination process some years back and then did nothing to help property owners at the lake.

This tax pay citizen, catalogued a litany of complaints such as: Geographical limitation of the P&Z’s jurisdiction; Limitations on her comments at meetings; the commission never proving she was not in compliance of P&Z regulations; a lack of documentation on accusations against her; fees doubled while others had their fees waived; Unable to get an appointment with the presiding commissioner to discuss issues in a timely manner; P&Z’s habit of hearing about complaints concerning the treatment Camden County citizens that are not recorded much less corrected. Just to mention a few.

One statement that I really found horrific was that a public county official told a tax paying citizen to ‘kiss my a--.’ Anyone treated in this manner privately or publicly would be angry. These County officials need to attend charm school and need to be reminded that they are servants of the public and need to conduct themselves in that manner.

One Party member in attendance called some of the constituents in a district commissioners district “trolls” because they supported transparency in Camden County. This is more than a deliberate provocative statement aimed to incite anger from those who believe in Missouri’s Sunshine Law. It’s a collective mind think of abusive language that insults those people who believe in the rule of law and not the rule of men. What does a group of elected officials need with a Political Action Committee (PAC) when they’re all Republicans? These district commissioners won and have earned their offices. One of them won their district by a very large margin. Why? Because the people wanted him.

He attends town hall meetings, answers their questions, keeps appointments with his constituents. Also, allegations of intimidation of family members were mentioned.

The situation above is the reason why there is an anti-incumbent feeling racing across this country. We should take our responsibilities seriously as citizens of this free nation and vote.