The lake became a high-speed track over the weekend, thrilling both competitors and spectators alike

The 2014 Lake Race again delivered on its promise of excitement, turning the lake into a high-speed track over the course of Thursday, June 5 through Sunday, June 8.
The number of entries expanded from 19 in 2013 to 29 this year, and the crowds increased in number as well.
“The weather held out and despite this being a new format for guys, they are attracted by the prize money and the media exposure that our events offer,” event co-chair Jeff Carroll explained.
Over 150 volunteers also pitched in to make the event a success, which is currently part of a two-race series . The other race was held earlier this year in Biloxi, Miss.
The success of both of those events have spurred the organizers of the Lake Race on to set their sights even higher.
“As word of mouth gets around, we are going to get more entries. The prize money we give out is unheard of in the industry. We also plan on expanding our television market and adding more events in more locations. We want to add more pontoons and unlimiteds to our schedule,” Carroll added.
Carroll went on to say that the format is part of what is attracting people to the Lake Race.
“Our open class is what sets us apart. Someone with a single-engine V-bottom can race along side one of the unlimiteds. If the big boys have trouble, you could see one of those smaller boats win a race. Some of these guys are here for the media exposure, but for some of them that winning purse is something they can really use.”

Race results

Super Stock $6,000
1st S-1 St. Louis Motorcars $3,000
2nd S-5 Porta Product $1,800
3rd S-111 SOS Venezuela $1,200
4th S-11
Run What You Brung
1st 19 Cat Can Do $18,000
2nd 4 Cleveland Construction $10,000
3rd 3 CMS $6,000
4th 14 Snowy Mountain Brewery $4,000
5th 33 Racing for Cancer $2,000
6th 113 Miss GEICO ---
Pontoon $0
1st 22 Hampton ---
2nd 57 Midwest Boat Sales ---
3rd 7 Jim Dorris ---
4th 77 Playcraft ---
5th 07 Iguana ---
6th 25 PDQ Marine Racing ---
Class 6 $4,000
1st 623 Country Service $2,000
2nd 602 Early Detection $1,200
Class 5 $4,000
1st 505 CISCO $2,000
2nd 517 Iguana Offshore $0
3rd 502 Early Detection $800
4th 513 Wazzup II ---
Class 4 $4,000
1st 404 Simmons Marine $2,000
Class 3 $4,000
1st 306 2nd Ammendment $2,000
CLASS 2 $4,000
1st 240 HP Mafia ---
2nd 277 Smokin Section ---
3rd P-11 Bat Boat ---
Super Cat $5,000
1st 4 Cleveland Construction $2,500
Super Vee Lite $4,000
1st 66 Tug It $2,000
2nd 21 Pirate $1,200
3rd 4 Octane $800