In my opinion the [president] missed a perfect opportunity to make a swap for another American Soldier being held as a prisoner in a foreign country.

In my opinion the [president] missed a perfect opportunity to make a swap for another American Soldier being held as a prisoner in a foreign country.  It seems the POTUS is so unaware and unconcerned regarding events affecting the lives of American citizens that instead of being engaged daily, he hears important information from  "the news" and reporters, instead of having his dozens of aides and cabinet members discuss issues with him. If he's getting his information from the media it seems we are wasting hundreds of millions on his grossly bloated staff, toadies and cabinet members. It seems he never or seldom has met with them. If he's wasting his time listening to the media instead of meeting with people on our payroll who (may) know what's really going on, he needs a pay cut and change of employment. I guess all the inept, lazy, incompetent, indifferent and possibly dishonest employees scattered among the good employees in the Veterans Administration, IRS, "Affordable Health Care Act" , Justice Dept., ICE, Border Patrol, Homeland Security etc. took their clue from the top?

But I digress.  The POTUS had been considering releasing 3,400 convicted illegal felons from our prison population. It has been reported they included convicted murderers, rapists, sexual assault, drug dealing and many other types of felonies. I guess he wasn't watching television, at least not Fox News about the imprisonment of an American soldier being

held, beaten, stripped, chained, threatened and given an attorney who told him to lie ( who he has since fired) in the cesspool and corrupted Mexican prison system.  The Sergeant made a wrong turn at a one lane poorly lighted and confusing sign that took him directly into Mexico and the hands of their border patrol and military personnel. He called 911 for help. He had recently moved to San Diego to go to the VA and had all his possessions with him including three firearms legal in the U.S. He was not allowed to explain or contact American officials. He has been there since the beginning of April with no hope in site for adjudication. The powers that be in our government certainly aren't concerned about his well being. Why didn't the POTUS wait and make a swap of these 3,400 prisoners for Sergeant Tahmooressi? Or now that it's too late, these criminals are already back on OUR streets, preying on OUR citizens again, he should gather a hundred thousand of the illegals burdening our prisons and our economy and swap them in exchange for our soldier at the border?  But I'm sure our "community organizer" is too busy running all over the world, using our hated polluting fossil fuel spouting political rhetoric, playing golf  and planning the next multimillion dollar gala at the White House or vacation to have this young man and his well being on his radar.

However, his political advisers must have informed him months ago it would to look really good to talk with and plan with spokesmen of the Taliban terrorists to make a trade of our soldier being held, in exchange for the top five Taliban terrorists in the country club prison at Gitmo. Sports, activities, good proper food, television, computers, porn and the best medical care outside of the Washington elites.  They would only trade for the planners and leaders since they had been an important part of the carnage they had and will continue to plague the world with. Not any run of the mill prisoners, who may not have had as much experience or as many kills on their resume.  Apparently as with many other executive decisions POTUS has made, no reason to bother with the other two branches of government or that pesky constitution. He can massage and ignore  it at will. Who will have the guts to oppose and challenge the actions of, as some have called him "the imperial president".  How is having tens of thousands of convicted felons loosed on our citizens and five of the worst terrorists loosed on the world good executive decisions?  Oh well, now the gates of Gitmo will be opened and emptied, he can at least follow through with at least one of his many promises to win office and gain absolute control.