1 Cheers to
the county commission finally making the arrangement to care for the Macks Creek Park. With just a little attention, that area could really become something special for the community.

2 Cheers to
more fire hydrants coming to Route MM. As we saw with a fiery crash this weekend, they’re needed.

3 Cheers to
Eldon wrestler Madalyn Robison, a state champion breaking barriers as a strong female wrestler.

1 Jeers to
the irresponsible boating we saw at the lake this weekend. Lives were unnecessarily lost. The tragedies could have been prevented with just some commong sense. Never drink and drive or boat. If you are going to consume alcohol, do so in a safe environment with a sober driver already lined out. Always exhibit safe boating and driving practices and always wear a safety device. People come of the lake to have a good time, but it’s not a good time if it ends with a funeral.