District assignments for the next two seasons of high school football and basketball have been released

High school football and basketball classification and district assignments for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons have been released by the Missouri State High School Activities Association, as approved by the Board of Directors.
Fortunately for the six area high schools that the Lake Sun covers, there are no changes in any of the district assignments from the last configuration.
The preservation of the alignments allows for continuity in scheduling, which is important for participants and parents who plan their lives around prep athletics during the fall and winter sport seasons.
The other reason to maintain the status quo is a financial motivation. High school football is a money-maker for local communities and maintaining local rivalries is pivotal.
For football, only schools with enrollments of 200 or less may choose to play in the 8-man division. In 11-man football, the largest 32 schools based on student enrollment in grades 9-12 are classified in Class 6, while the smallest 64 schools are assigned to Class 1.
The next-largest 64 schools are then classified in Class 2, the next 64 in Class 3, and the next 64 in Class 4. The remaining schools are assigned to Class 5.
If two schools form a cooperative partnership, the enrollment of both schools combined are used to determine classification.
Beginning with the 2014 season, three schools may co-op in the 8-man class as long as the combined enrollment remains under 200.
In basketball, both boys and girls, the 128 schools with the smallest enrollments make up Class 1.  The next 128 schools would make up Class 2, with the next 128 making up Class 3.
The next 96 largest enrollments make up Class 4, while Class 5 includes all of the remaining schools.
All ties at any enrollment break remain with the smallest classification.  The enrollment breaks are based on the gender with the most registered teams.  Enrollments from schools with boys’ basketball teams were used for this cycle. Schools were then grouped into districts within each classification based on geographical location.
The first-allowable football practice date for 2014 will be on Monday, August 4.  The first-possible contest date will be Friday, August 22.
For basketball, the first allowable practice is Monday, November 3.  The first allowable basketball game is currently scheduled for Monday, November 24.
There is a ballot item being voted on which may move the first contest to the Friday of week 17 on the standardized calendar, if passed.