This recent shooting by this very disturbed young man, Elliot Rodger is both shocking and dumbfounding.

This recent shooting by this very disturbed young man, Elliot Rodger is both shocking and dumbfounding. Before Rodger killed six people and injured three others near the University of California - Santa Barbara, he had written a manifesto in which he described the exact plan he eventually carried out to fruition. He also gives a glimpse of his twisted frustration at never having had any type of relationship with the opposite sex. He extols the inadequate feelings he had by having been born short, never having the love and friendship of a girl. His frustration peaks with his feelings of unfulfilled entitlement at never having had sex.

At first you would think, why didn't he receive psychiatric care because he surely must have manifested signs of mental illness before he killed?

As in every mass shooting our knee jerk reaction is society must have failed by not providing more and better mental health to someone in desperate need. But no, not in this case since his parents had seen signs of their son's mental issues and provided psychiatric therapy for the young man.

The way it looks, the parents did everything right, they did everything they could to help their son and still they could not prevent him from acting out his evil plan. So we are left with nothing but questions.

What else should they have done for this kid? Was there anything the parents could have done to stop the tragic killing of so many innocent people by their son?

If they did everything they could have done to help their son and he still killed, then we must look at how he obtained the weapons he used to kill so many folks.

We must ask how did this madmen and other madmen obtain the weapons they then used to slaughter helpless folks?

Someone smarter than me needs to explain why in some states they require a woman to wait three days, watch a video, see ultra scan pictures of their fetus before having an abortion, while there is no waiting time to obtain a firearm?

These very same states don't require madmen to watch a video which promotes seeking professional help if you’re angry.

They don't require potential firearm purchasers to look at pictures of the aftermath of people who have been shot by assault weapons. There is no federal law which requires a three-day waiting period (a cooling off period) before folks can buy a gun.

I say that if we cannot prevent disturbed people like this Elliot Rodger from killing us, then we must figure out how to keep the guns out of the hands of madmen.

Obviously, a good start would be at least a three-month waiting period to buy any firearm in America. Do away with the citizens’ right to own or purchase assault weapons. Discontinue the right of folks to have high capacity magazines. Outlaw military type assault weapons ammunition.

Finally we need to be aware of anyone who is mentally disturbed enough to carry out a killing with a gun.

Better screening at point of purchase and better reporting by those professionals treating the mentally ill. I'm not saying this would prevent all mass murders by madmen, but it would be a hell of a lot better than what we are currently doing to prevent mass killings of our fellow Americans.