1 Cheers to
the apparent good boating on the lake this weekend. There were no major issues on the water. We hope this will last throughout the summer.

2 Cheers to
the City of Laurie for deciding to upgrade roads around the Laurie Fairgrounds to accommodate larger boats for Shootout events. That’s how you keep good events in your area.

3 Cheers to
Dogwood Elementary for hosting a duathlon to get kids active.

1 Jeers to
whoever caused the evacuation of the Camdenton Walmart last week. Threatening a large establishment is foolish and made a lot of people needlessly frightened. What a cool thing to do. Not.

2 Jeers to
the amount of time it took to finally connect seven residences in Camelot to the Camelot sewer district. These people paid the price for someone else’s error and it took too long to fix.