Marco Rubio recently gave two interviews in which he once again dismissed the theory of global warming (or as the Right has us all referring to as "Climate Change").

Marco Rubio recently gave two interviews in which he once again dismissed the theory of global warming (or as the Right has us all referring to as "Climate Change"). In essence he stated that while yes, he accepts that global weather is changing, none of us need be alarmed at what he and his fellow Republicans contend is just normal changes of the earth's climate. This would be an amusing position if it weren't for the fact that now nearly all the scientists around the world say that the earth's global warming is the direct result of man made cause and effect. What is still more alarming is that Rubio and I'm sure other misinformed Republicans on the the global warming issue are going to run for the presidency and if elected jeopardize the future of the planet. 

 What we all thought not so long ago as a distant threat is now a reality happening today. Against the best advice of the world's scientific community, the United States has shown nearly complete apathy when dealing with the problem of climate change. The current administration under Obama has been pushing this issue to the forefront but with nearly all Republicans unwilling to even acknowledge the existence of global warming, the Democrats and the President have been unable to make any substantial progress to change things.  

 The plain truth is that if the United States doesn't begin to change its ways and address this issue, work with other countries in curbing carbon emissions, reduce greenhouse gas releases this planet is going to continue to suffer. The results of doing nothing and remaining on the Republican's course of inaction will result in more sever droughts, increasingly hotter weather, increased flooding, more frequent hurricanes, more tornados, colder/longer winters, increased wild fires and continued rapid melting of the polar ice caps. 

 What this means long term for the American people will be absolutely devastating. Three million Americans live within three feet of sea level. As the oceans rise much of the coast of this country will be underwater. Nearly the entire state of Florida will disappear and watch out New York City. It may be too late already to change the course of this disaster, our inability to agree on the fact that this climate change is a real problem has already put us behind the eight ball. But one thing is for sure according to the world's scientists, to do nothing will most certainly accelerate the problem.

 We were warned of this problem years ago by former Vice President Al Gore with his film "An Inconvenient Truth." We were warned by the world's scientific community that Global Warming was a very real impending disaster. We did nothing to heed their warnings then and if we do nothing now we will most certainly reap the tragic results of our foolishness.

 The sheer ignorance of Marco Rubio and other like minded folks on the Right in the year 2014 on the subject of global warming is simply astonishing. There have been no lack of scientific studies on the subject by some some of the brightest people on the planet. There has been no shortage of media coverage on the subject. Finally, I would think that any boob could walk outside and realize that the summers are much warmer, the winters are much colder, precipitation is much greater and things are changing! 

 I say we have it within our power to change the world's destiny. We do not need to accept our plight. Any politician who does not accept the fact of global warming has no business being elected to public office in the 21st century. What in the beginning was amusing about those Republicans who refused to accept scientific fact, now is not so funny. Time is running out for action and sometime soon we will all be forced to react out of desperation when it is absolutely too late.