Have you had the unfortunate opportunity to take the new Key Largo off-ramp coming from Camdenton?

*Editor’s Note: This opinion was also sent as an open letter to Osage Beach Mayor Penny Lyons and the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen.


Penny - Alderman,


Have you had the unfortunate opportunity to take the new Key Largo off-ramp coming from Camdenton?

First time I took it, I was going 60mph and did not feel safe.

If your car has good brakes, tires, and steering, take exit at 60 to see what I am referring to.

So far, four of my employees, one of my sons, and Kim Loehr agree with this 100 percent.

If you slow down to 45 mph before exiting, it is not too bad.

Should a person have to slow down that much on an expressway before taking a new and improved exit ?

What if it is the first time someone takes this exit that is going over the speed limit as a lot of travelers do?

What if they take this exit at night in the rain going 60 mph and have to yield to a car coming up the ramp?

Do we need more accidents before someone will look into this? Why is the off-ramp obviously three to four time shorter than what was publicized?

It is not as safe or inviting of an exit as what I was hoping for — not what Osage Beach deserves after numerous public meetings.

Very disappointed in MoDOT's engineers’ oversight. You would think the second attempt at fixing Key Largo would be better.

Does Osage Beach not rate for a safe inviting intersection at Key Largo?

What does it take?

I think if the off-ramp was 100 to 200 feet longer it would be more inviting and safer.

I would think MoDOT has standards for safety, and I think something was overlooked here. Very curious how this happened.

[Route] KK has around 30 times more off-ramp distance than Key Largo. Is this fair to the west end?

Thirty times. Someone did not do their due diligence on this project. My opinion.

Regarding yield sign: I know there will not be much traffic coming up the hill, but [I] do not think we should have to turn our head, use extreme peripheral vision, to see if a car is coming, while taking a curved exit.

Besides needing a longer off-ramp, I think they should add another lane that leads to a stop sign, as is this is not a safe intersection. My opinion.

Long term goal, expressway should have an exit straight onto [Osage Beach] Parkway, through the mound of dirt where they took out the old highway, to encourage traffic flow into beleaguered part of city.

This is how it should have been drawn up from day one, the only design that will help with safe traffic flow into the west side of Osage Beach. My opinion.

The West end of Osage Beach has suffered because of very poor highway design, people have been hurt, hoping someday to see an improvement.

Thank you for your time.

Concerned about safety, and economy of the west end of Osage Beach.