1 Cheers to
the Village of Sunrise Beach approving the annexation of Franky and Louie’s.

2 Cheers to
all the area seniors who are now just a few days from completing their high school careers. We’re looking forward to the next steps you take.

3 Cheers to
area nurses. This week is National Nurses Week. Take a moment to thank those who are put in charge of your or a loved ones care.

1 Jeers to
those who didn’t participate in at least one of the events that occurred this past weekend. With the Harbor Hop, Magic Dragon Street Meet, Lake Regional Fun Run and others, there were a lot of event to choose from.

2 Jeers to
the people only focusing on Camden County planning and zoning as an issue in the Camden County Presiding Commissioner’s race. What about economic advancement? What about a more realistic sheriff’s department budget? There are, believe or not, other issues of importance.