The Humane Society of Missouri says it will be several weeks before more than 150 animals removed from a south-central Missouri property can recover.

More than 150 animals have been removed from a property in the Barnett area. In what appears to be a case of animal hoarding and neglect, 152 animals - 40 horses, many cats and dogs and two goats - were removed from the Hill Point Rd. property after a deputy with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office reportedly found the animals in extremely poor condition during a visit to the property on another matter.

At this point, it is not certain if any of the animals that were removed from the property are in danger of dying, according to responding officer Deputy Jennifer Chinn.

The state veterinarian and local veterinarian, Dr. M.B. Jones, were at the site for an initial review of the animals, but a report with more detailed information on the status of the animals is not yet available.

The animals are now in the care of the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis, said Chinn, and a veterinarian there is treating the animals with shots, baths and likely calming collars. Many of the animals are very aggressive because they are starving, she said.

Charges are expected to be filed against the property owner, but the extent of charges - misdemeanor or felony - and the number of counts is not yet certain. Recommendations from the veterinarians will be included for the prosecutor's review in his decision about what charges to file, Chinn said.

In addition to the property owner, several other people could also face charges in the case, according to Chinn.

Other horses were boarded at the property. While those animals were fine, their owners reportedly knew about the condition of the property owner's animals but did nothing about it.