Hosted by: Camdenton Lady Lakers & School of the Osage Lady Indians
When: Friday, May 2nd & Saturday, May 3rd
What: 16 teams, 3 soccer fields, 24 soccer matches in just over 24 hours.
Where:             Camdenton R-3 High School Soccer Field
                & Camdenton R-3 High School
                School of the Osage Soccer Field.

Tournament Rules and Scoring
1. 2 40-minute halves unless unforeseen factors causes tournament to change to 2 35-minute halves (rain, delays, etc.).
2. As there is no need for a winner to move on, matches can end in a tie at the conclusion of regulation time. There will be no overtime.
3. The team listed first will be the home team, (light uniforms). Each team will furnish one ball person for each played match.
4. Game balls will be provided by host school.
5. Top 2 teams from each pool will receive a trophy.
6. Overall team with most points will receive a trophy. 21 points the maximum points a team can score. If there is a tie in total points, the tie-breaker rules from pool play will be used to determine an overall champion as well.

All three matches in pool play count towards determining a winner.
Pool winners and overall champion will be determined on the following point system:

Win = 3 pts.
Shutout = 1 pt.
Goal Differential - 3 goals maximum counting 1 point per goal up to 3 points possible per match.
3-0 win will be worth 7 pts.
3-2 win will be worth 4 pts.
0-0 tie will get you 2 pts.

Tie breaker:
Head to Head
Goals against (fewer is better)
Goals for (maximum number of goals counted in tournament will be 15 in three matches
Most shutouts
Coin Flip or head coaches will go to sudden death penalty kicks against each other.*
*(Update: Sadly, MSHSAA will not allow the coaches to participate in a one-on-one penalty kick shootout due to legal issues. So a coin flip will decide it if we run out of options. Way to take away the fun, MSHSAA. -Ben Peters, Lake Sun)

T-shirts will be available for sale and will cost $10.00, and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. As our weather has been brutal the last few years for this tournament, we may have umbrellas, parkas, and sweatshirts for sale.