The Sunrise Beach Planning Commission has recommended approval of the annexation of 127 acres between Deer Valley Rd. and Hwy. TT owned by Laubach Properties.

All present planning commissioners voted favorably for the annexation and related zoning with Commissioner Kent Morris saying, "I think it's going to help us grow."

Dan Laubach signed the annexation petition at the Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees meeting earlier this month, citing water for sprinklers at the proposed venue on Hwy. TT as the main reason for seeking annexation. The city is currently working on plans for a project to extend water lines to certain areas and could include Laubach's new venture on Hwy. TT into its designs.

The village's annexation agreement - not signed until the end of the annexation process - promises to get properties in its plans for the drinking water system in three years and in the plans for sewer in five to seven years.

The annexation petition will go to the board of trustees level in May, including a public hearing. After a two-week comment period following the hearing, trustees can vote on the annexation. Laubach can also withdraw his petition at any time prior to their vote.

In addition to reviewing the annexation petition, the planning commission also advised that the entire property - which includes Franky & Louie's Beachfront Bar & Grill, Deer Valley RV Park, a proposed outdoor entertainment venue and property that is being leased out - come into the village with Lakefront Commercial 2 (LFC-2) zoning.

"It all comes in as one comprehensive zone," said Sunrise Beach planner Roger Corbin.

This type of zoning district allows mixed use and is the lowest level of zoning that the village has that permits RV parks, according to Corbin.

Despite the commercial development at Franky & Louie's, that portion of the property appears to have been zoned residential under the Camden County Lake Area P&Z District, Corbin said. Similar developments in the city, however, are zoned LFC-2, including Captain Ron's Bar & Grill and Bear Bottom Resort.

On the Hwy. TT side of Laubach's properties, the Camden County Commission just finalized a rezoning last week for approximately 16 acres from A-1 Agriculture to B-2 General Commercial with a conditional use permit from the Camden County Planning Commission for outdoor music.

During the case before the county, the official opinion of the village concluded, in accordance with county P&Z administration, that the B-2 zoning was compatible with the area.

According to the Camden County P&Z staff report on the case this winter, surrounding land use included A-1 to the north and west, B-2 to the south and I-1 industrial to the east.
With the property looking likely to be switching jurisdictions, the Sunrise Beach Planning Commission will be reviewing the plat for Laubach's proposed new venue on Hwy. TT, according to Corbin, under the rules of the LFC-2 zoning.

Of special interest is the outlet of the venue onto Hwy. TT. The developer was required to complete a traffic study on the intersection before getting final approval on the rezoning from the county.

That traffic study by CJW Transportation Consultants, LLC of Springfield, Mo. has now also been forwarded to Sunrise Beach. It concludes that the existing access point from Hwy. TT - across from Putt N Bay Rd. - has a horizontal and vertical curve to the north on Hwy. TT with a sight distance of 440 feet.

The Missouri Department of Transportation, however, requires a sight distance of 500 feet for intersections on roadways with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

According to CJW, the "deficiency" in sight distance could be remedied through multiple options which include, but are not limited to, moving the intersection further to the south / west, lowering the speed limit and providing detection of advancing vehicles.

It has not yet been determined what will be done at the intersection.

The outdoor venue includes plans for a stage, covered deck and bar that will be periodically open for special events during the summer season.