When one walked into Camdenton High School on Friday night, they could have easily forgot that they were in a high school. Artwork lined the walls and filled hallways, students were stationed around what five days a week serves as a cafeteria showing off their artistic sides and fabric draped from the ceiling concealing the true identity of the high school commons. Hors' duerves were set out, the lights were turned down low, tables were set and more than 100 students were ready to be a part of the Camdenton Foundation's Elegant Evening.

Students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade were a part of the district wide art gallery on display as guests entered the event. Other students were present on Friday night to be a part of the night's festivities.
The jazz band serenaded the guests as they entered and even played a few tunes for couples to dance to. Art students demonstrated their craft live for attendees to see. Two speech and debate team members performed their award winning dramatic duet. Culinary students demonstrated how to make the Pina Colada salad before serving the crowd all evening.
“As a member of the culinary arts class, I prepared over 300 bonbons for the desserts. During the dinner, we all help serve,” Senior Phelan Huntsman said. “It feels amazing to help the school out.”
Huntsman has been involved in the annual event for four years and was one of the 10 fine arts outstanding students who were awarded scholarships on Friday night.
Other recipients include Alizabeth Bradney, Sarah Wages, Elissa Levy, Connor Uberroth, John Fritz, Dalton Gray, Mackenna Surdyke, Nick Horne and Alexis Lumley. Each student has participated in the event for a minimum of two years.
"I feel that this event is extremely important to all the fine arts programs at our school and I am happy to help support all of these programs by doing what I enjoy. I have played in the Elegant Evening for four years. I think the jazz band continues to be involved because this event is extremely important to all the programs here at Camdenton High School, and it is a perfect time to show off what the band program does, and how well we do it," Lead trumpet player Connor Uberroth said. "It is my favorite performance that the jazz band does. It is wonderful how much the crowd responds to the music and the event as a whole."

Just hours before leaving for the state speech and debate tournament, Nick Horne and Alexis Lumley performed their dramatic piece, "I am Sam," for the Elegant Evening crowd.
"I have been involved for three years and I keep on doing it because the Foundation means the world to the fine arts department. It is a time to show our talents to our community," Horne said. "I always look forward to this event. It is a time for creativity, wonder and amazement."

Lumley added, "I feel honored to represent Camdenton High School and Mr. Martin's amazing Speech and Debate program. I was excited to share the story of Sam Dawson with our community and raise awareness for the acting and speech and debate program in our community.
 I have been involved in the Foundation Dinner for the last 3 years. I believe the Foundation is an amazing opportunity for the arts to get exposure in the Lake area. I also believe it is a great opportunity for students to showcase all that we have learned, and what we have passion for."

The event showcases the talents of Camdenton R-III students and staff and is the only fundraiser for the Education Foundation.

The Foundation will be handing out 11, $1,000 scholarships during the senior academic awards assembly on May 21.