Longevity has its place I suppose, but has modern medicine out paced the natural order of things?

Longevity has its place I suppose, but has modern medicine out paced the natural order of things?

Has the pursuit of a long life simply condemned a great many of us to the indignity of living past nature's intended expiration date for the human mind, spirit and body?

Is it better to expire while we are still able to function independently with clear minds and all of our physical and mental faculties still intact?

Many folks eat tasteless so-called "healthy" foods, denying the pleasures of good unhealthy meal choices for the benefits of eating the equivalent of tasteless twigs and hay.

Many people avoid tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, the nightlife and a myriad of pleasures which make life enjoyable for the majority of us. All this self sacrifice in the hope of living a long life. Is the pursuit of health and longevity worth the trade off?

For many of these healthy folks the reward for what many of us might consider a "spartan" lifestyle is ending up in a nursing home or hospitals anyway.

Even a healthy lifestyle can't trump one's gene pool and a life spent denying pleasure is very often rewarded with disappointing ill health anyway.

For a great many people chasing immortality gives their live's meaning and purpose in that quest. Everyday of the healthy folks lives is spent in an unwinnable war with time and the battle against aging.

Somehow the daily struggle to stay or appear young has become the new measure of self worth. Those not joined in the same war with the health nuts are very often looked down upon as being self-loathing, lazy or even suicidal.

For me and as it turns out the majority of my fellow Americans, this verse from a current popular song sums up our lifestyles, "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive."

Given the choice of eating grass or lobster, put us down for the shellfish every time! We don't mind jogging a mile with our healthy friends as long as there is a bar at the halfway point where we can stop, get a beer and have a cigarette.

When our health conscious friends are getting out of bed at 4 a.m. to start their day, we are just going to bed after a night out-on-the-town. If we have a choice between Botox injections, a face lift, tummy tuck, butt lift surgeries or a week at an all-inclusive resort on the beach, we'll opt for a tall pina colada.

If you have dedicated your life to living healthy and fighting the march of time across your face/body, believe me I am not attempting to convert you to our indulgent lifestyle.

The way I look at it the more you deny yourselves, the more of life's goodies are available to the rest of us.

I am just saying one day we will all be joined together under ground, the only question will be who will have smiles on their faces?

Will it be you guys having lost your life long battle against time, aging and death or us having indulged in everything pleasurable life had to offer?