The debate has really not been about whether Camden County should have a P&Z, the debate is how much regulations need to come out of Planning & Zoning.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to a Lake view titled “On Camden County P&Z” by Eric Reeve published in the Monday, April 14 Lake Sun.


The debate has really not been about whether Camden County should have a P&Z, the debate is how much regulations need to come out of Planning & Zoning. It is easy to come out and say that the big bad business is going to come in and destroy the very thing that creates there business. As if the local businesses do not have one care about the quality of the lake. One funny thing Eric, I have never seen you at a lake cleanup, I have not seen or heard that you participated in the Ameren Shoreline cleanup. At the previous company I worked for we took a day and we went on the lake to pick up the trash and foam. Most of the people who were doing this were business owners. So to come out and make it sound like the big bad business owners are going to “destroy” the lake is an over exaggeration to say the least.

The argument that folks have with the Planning and Zoning are the regulations that affect us personally that cause more expense to us and is quite frankly ludicrous. I came out in direct opposition to Article 400 revisions specifically the provision to rename private lanes to right of ways. If you were to drive around there are hundreds of private lanes that are “privately” maintained. The county does not pay nor reimburse those of us with private lanes when we have to either add rock or asphalt. They do not offer snow removal. They do not do anything to a private lane.

But if you rename a private name to a right of way, that indicates public use. If you have one in the P&Z boundary then that would be an issue if and when someone would want to build on land within the P&Z boundary and on a private lane. It would require that lane to be brought to P&Z road standards and not one dime would come from the county. It would be put on the one who is building and the maintenance would be left to the other homeowners on that lane.

So in this one instance how is this hurting the lake? How is this destroying the lake? Would you be in agreement with a regulation that required you to maintain a lane you were already maintaining but at a much higher cost, paid only by you with no other help from the county? Funny thing Eric, haven't seen you at a P&Z meeting either. Maybe if you would attend a few you would be more informed about what the arguments have been over. How about asking the questions on how we could have areas within the boundaries that are not zoned at all? What about businesses that have seen vacation homes built in there back yard? Or businesses that have been in operation before there was a planning and zoning that are zoned as R-1?

All these are present issues ongoing with planning and zoning. These issues were not created by the people but by Planning and Zoning. When a county has a planning & zoning that has obvious flaws it is best to fix those issues before we create more regulations. That is the responsible thing to do. This helps create an enviroment that is business and homeowner friendly.

By the way throwing the slam in there about Tea Party and Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party is old, tiresome and quite frankly a way to divert the reality of the arguments brought forth. The issues with Planning & Zoning were not created by the Tea Party, But it would appear that we the members of Lake Area Conservative Club and the Tea Party are the only ones actively involved to have the issues fixed and not sitting on the sidelines making judgements.