I experienced what, for me, was a "life changing" event Sunday.

I experienced what, for me, was a "life changing" event Sunday.

I was standing in line at Murphy's Express in Osage Beach. As I approached the cashier, there was a young lady in line behind me. I gave the attendant my pump number when the young lady stepped up and asked me if I was a veteran. I replied that I was. It’s a question I've been asked before.

The young lady stepped up to the cashier and told him "I will pay for his purchase.”

I told her she did not have to do that. She replied it is what she wanted to do. The most I could say was thank you. I did not know this young lady.

Why this made such an impact on me is, yes, I am a veteran, but I was a Vietnam-era veteran. I was proud to serve, but as we know, Vietnam Veterans did not get the welcome home like the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans received. We veterans of the Vietnam era, although proud of our service, found it best to just try and get on with our lives.

This young lady has changed my outlook of the society that scorned us when we came home. No matter what transpires in my life, I will forever remember this young lady and her act of respect and kindness. I hope that she realizes what an impact she made on my life and me.

Once again, I thank you young lady. All I can do now is Pay It Forward.