More than a year after the city of Macks Creek dissolved, the community park will now be under new ownership.

More than a year after the city of Macks Creek dissolved, the community park will now be under new ownership.

During a recent Camden County Commission meeting, Commissioners voted to send a letter to Missouri State Parks/Planning and Development stating that they have voted to take ownership of the park. The letter goes on to ask that the commission be sent all the necessary documents and agreements to be signed on behalf of the county to officially facilitate the change of sponsorship.

After voters approved the dissolution of the city in August of 2012, the future of the eight-acre park was uncertain. A group of citizens stepped up and offered to take over the park for a while.

The park was listed as an asset in the dissolution of Macks Creek but was also tied up in a grant that restricts what the property can be used for.

The park is located on Upper Prairie Hollow Road off of Route N close to the intersection with Highway 54. The former city had plans for the park but ran into financial problems, forcing then city officials to put aside any plans for improvements. The park was also the target of vandalism.

The commission's main concern has always been making sure the former city's liabilities were taken care of before they took ownership of the park. According to liquidating Trustee Charles McElyea, there are no longer any outstanding liabilities.

Commissioners did discuss a few improvements that will need to be made in the near future. The merry go round will need to be fixed along with taking down what was supposed to become public restrooms. The restrooms were never finished and have never been functional.

The commission was able to add the park to the county's insurance for no extra charge. The Road and Bridge Department will be in charge of mowing the park but that will be the extent of the upkeep according to Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken.

Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber added that the commission may be looking at adding ordinances that would close the park after sunset soon in order to decrease the chances of vandalism.