The Village of Sunrise Beach has gotten a large voluntary annexation petition for an existing business and proposed business that lie just outside current city limits.

The Village of Sunrise Beach has gotten a large voluntary annexation petition for an existing business and proposed business that lie just outside current city limits.

After discussion with the Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees Monday night, Dan Laubach signed an annexation application for Franky & Louie's Beachfront Bar & Grill, located on Deer Valley Park Rd. and an adjoining property which stretches over to border Highway TT.

The Franky & Louie' property includes Deer Valley Park Campground and consists of approximately 87 acres. The TT property is around 39 acres and is currently undeveloped.

Laubach has an active rezoning case with Camden County for a portion of the TT property, but he expressed interest in receiving water and sewer service from the village for his TT property.

The stated initial intent for the TT property has been to open a small amphitheater with a bar which will be open only occasionally for big acts or music festivals during the tourist season from May-September.

Current plans for a large covered deck area at the proposed entertainment venue on Highway TT require a sprinkler system due to national building code regulations administered by the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District, according to Laubach. Some type of wastewater treatment system or sewer plan is also needed and must be approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

He came to the village board seeking options on ways to meet these requirements.

Two phases for the Sunrise Beach water system are operational. Construction is underway for the first phase of sewer, and the board is working on finalizing the extent and financing for the second phase.

Plans for a series of water line extensions are also in the works, and Sunrise Beach is currently in the application process with DNR.

According to village officials, it could be possible to add a water line extension down Highway TT to Laubach's property in the village's application with DNR. It already includes three or four line extensions to residential subdivisions in different areas.

Line extensions are typically easier projects to get approved and financed through the state, and village officials estimated the time frame for the water project at approximately 18 months to two years.

The Camden County Commission is expected to go ahead and vote on Laubach Properties' case later in April. The rezoning would upgrade the designation of 16.2 acres of the property from A-1 agriculture to B-2 general commercial.

The development received conditional approval from the planning commission for the rezoning in January. The planning commission also approved a CUP to allow outdoor entertainment.

The conditions of the approval included the completion of a traffic study and development plan.

The case has not previously been finalized by the county commission as it was waiting on the traffic study, according to Presiding Commissioner and Acting P&Z Administrator Kris Franken.

He said the delay was the result of the first traffic study using data from winter traffic flow rather than summer when the proposed business would actually be in use.

The case was noticed for public hearing April 24 after the county commission accepted a new traffic study from Laubach, according to Franken.

The Sunrise Beach Planning Commission is expected to review the annexation petition at its next meeting.