How Osage's victory became a 7-0 forfeit

Kaiser, Mo. – Tuesday night's game between the Osage Indians and the Versailles Tigers proved to be much more than a rivalry match.

It became one of the most exciting and confusing games of the year up to this date.

Battling back, Versailles managed to recover from a two-run deficit to lead by one in the sixth inning.

A run by Osage's Tori Tomson tied the game in the seventh, and away we went to extra innings.

The score remained locked at 5-5 for the next 3.5 innings, before Trevor Koncevic drove in a run in bottom of the 11th inning to score the game-winning run on a single.

Osage had won, 6-5, in an 11 inning game. More than that, their starting pitcher, Tori Tomson, threw for all of the innings.

Tomson's efforts from the mound saw him strike out 16 batters in the game, and threw almost 150 pitches in the game.

But what was thought to be a stunning display from the mound proved to work against the Indians, as the next day, their win became a forfeit due to a little-known MSHSAA rule that limits pitchers to throwing no more than 10 innings. At the time of the game, neither coach from Osage or Versailles knew about the rule, and neither had the thought cross their mind.

After 10 innings, the Osage senior had roughly thrown 140 pitches in the game, and had told his coach that if it went to another inning, he wanted to go back out, saying he would throw EXACTLY six pitches in his next trip to the mound.

When Osage failed to score in the bottom of the tenth, Tomson ran back out to the mound, assuring his coach that it would be six pitches.

Six pitches later, Osage had their three outs.

Tomson smirked as he walked back into the dugout, telling Coach Flaspohler "I told you so!"

The next day, the game was forfeited, with a letter from Coach Flaspohler to MSHSAA stating:

"Dear Missouri State High School Activities Association & Morgan County R-II,
This letter is in regards to the contest between the Versailles Tigers and School of the Osage Indians on April 8th, 2014. During this contest School of the Osage violated the number of allowable innings pitched by an individual player. Therefore, School of the Osage forfeits this contest to Versailles.
David Flaspohler"

When asked about the decision, Coach Flaspohler responded with an email, saying this:
"Pitchers are only allowed to pitch 10 innings in a 3-day period.  Obviously, Tori exceeded that by 1 inning. The amazing thing is he threw less pitches in the last 6 innings than he did in the first five. I take responsibility for this."

In the scorebooks, this will go down as a 7-0 loss for Osage. But they know that at the end of the game, they won, 6-5, after 11 innings.

And for Tori Tomson, it will be the day that he pitched 11 innings and struck out 17 batters.