1 Cheers to
CVB and TCLA for employing new tools to drive visitors to the area. Hopefully the work will pay off.

2 Cheers to
Ron Duggan — or ‘Captain Ron’ if you prefer — for earning the 2013 Partner in Tourism Award. Your work in promoting the area is truly invaluable.

3 Cheers for
the Osage Beach City Park partially reopening. It was sad to see it out of commission for so long after flooding all but destroyed it.

1 Jeers to
to the failure to turn on tornado sirens in Camdenton when a tornado warning was issued for Camden County. As the storm churned towards Camdenton, we kept waiting for the sirens which never sounded. When is the appropriate time to turn on siren if not during a tornado warning?

2 Jeers to
anyone not voting in the municipal elections by choice. It’s not enough to turn in a ballot once every four years. Remember, you can’t complain if you don’t even vote.