Don Hathaway needed to step down. He alone created the issue with the Sugar Loaf Winery.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to an Our View titled “Let planning commission do their jobs” published in the April 4 Lake Sun. Nancy Steward is a member of the Lake Area Conservative Club and the views she expresses are not necessarily those of that organization.


Don Hathaway needed to step down. He alone created the issue with the Sugar Loaf Winery. He alone created the debacle with the Gidgets and Gadgets owner, who took her information to the State of Missouri Attorney General, and now there is an investigation as to if there was wrong doing committed by Mr. Hathaway and the Planning and Zoning dept.

They were not a part of any special interest group.

They are business owners in the area who have been “victimized” by an overzealous planning and zoning administrator.

When the Planning and Zoning committee brings an issue up for “public comment” and people show up to offer their opinion it is their right to do so. They did not show up to “compromise.”

They showed up to speak what they think about certain issues that are brought before the commission.

They do this in hope that the one who is in their township, who is there to represent them will listen and take into consideration what they have said.

Any person who lives and owns land in Camden County has a right to show up and speak, whether in opposition or agreement.

If passed they certainly have to abide. This is how the system works.

This board which I agree dedicates hours into a unpaid position, and give up family time to serve, forget one important thing. When asked to serve they could have said no. They could have declined.

But they wanted to be a part of the process. They wanted to have an opinion as well, which, by the way, makes them a special interest group, too. A group of 11 who are ruling on proposals, amendments, and rezoning.

Who are they being swayed by?

Who has their ear?

Who do they receive information from?

How many times do they hear from the Planning and Zoning department or the Commissioners?

Versus: How many times they hear from the public they are to represent?

The only conclusion I can draw is that the Lake Sun staff are perfectly happy when the public does not have say so. That when a few or more stand up and say enough is enough we are tired of being left out of the process, or unheard, those same people are called the special interest group who create an atmosphere of no compromise.

If we didn't stand up then there would be no compromise. If we don't voice our agreement or disagreement we will be ruled by a special interest group.

A special interest group who do not go out and ask the public as to what they want. We do know that is a fact.

Look at the stir about the committee members having there own county email addresses, so the public would have an opportunity to communicate. Our county claims they are all for transparency but only if they are in control of the window shades.