1 Cheers to
Camden County Associate Commissioner Bev Thomas, who had the good sense to put an end to a silly argument over signatures during a commission meeting last Thursday that once again threatened to make a mockery of the courthouse. We hope Thomas uses her voice and reason, as it appears it is needed in the commission chambers.

2 Cheers to
the people who have so far contributed to the shoreline cleanup. Thanks for all your hard work.

1 Jeers to
the dozen people rounded up in March in Morgan County alone on drug charges. Seeing the mug shots of these people, we know they can’t be leading truly happy lives. If you need assistance combating an addiction, don’t waste another day and get help.

2 Jeers to
Osage Beach Mayor candidate W.W. Bill Stone. While we want to give everyone a voice who runs for office, how can anyone take a candidate seriously when a public outlet like a newspaper can’t get a hold of him to answer a few questions about his candidacy?