1 Cheers to
the announcement that Lighthouse Ministeries received a grant that would fund half of a permanent community center/food pantry near Camdenton. We hope the community steps up to fund the other half of this important project.

2 Cheers to
the Osage School Board’s decision to give the district’s teachers much-deserved raises.

3 Cheers to
the Lady Lakers soccer team, who opened the season with impressive win at the Waynesville Classic.

1 Jeers to
whoever started a suspected arson fire that charred 1,500+ acres of land in southern Camden County Sunday. While the fire didn’t injure anyone, a blaze of that magnitude could have easily cost someone their life.

2 Jeers to
whatever circumstances led to the serious injury of five children in a rollover accident. We don’t know the whole story — for all we know the children conspired en masse to play a trick a remove their seat belts. But the fact is that all five children were unbuckled, and that is not acceptable.