When one walks into The Vine Wine Bar and Art Gallery anytime before April 12, they will find one of a kind pieces created by Camdenton High School Art students. Artwork lines the walls and is displayed throughout the gallery showcasing the talents and abilities of the young artists.

When one walks into The Vine Wine Bar and Art Gallery anytime before April 12, they will find one of a kind pieces created by Camdenton High School Art students. Artwork lines the walls and is displayed throughout the gallery showcasing the talents and abilities of the young artists.

"The students did everything from creating the artwork to deciding what would go in the show, what the show would be titled, how we would advocate for the show and the interactive piece," teacher Michelle Livek said. "I'm speechless and in awe of what they can do. I have the opportunity to watch them work for thousands of hours collectively to make something like this."

The gallery is entitled Journey 2 Juxtaposition. This is the second year in a row that CHS students have displayed their work at The Vine hence the '2' in the title.

Livek explains the students' thoughts behind the theme.

"Juxtaposition is when you take two things that seem divergent and put them next to each other to create a new meaning from the two objects. Because all of their artwork is inquiry based, they kind of construct their own meaning to investigate," she said. "Each piece is kind of juxtaposed to the next and as a show creates a new narrative."

Many family, friends and community members showed their support for the students on Sunday during the meet-the-artists reception. Art will remain on display until April 12. Even though the artists will not be directly on hand during the rest of the gallery, the public can still interact with them.

Starting on March 26, when the public visits the gallery they will have the opportunity to pick up a tablet that has a particular app already on it. Then, they can hover the tablet over the piece of art. The art will act as a QR code and will open up a video of the artist speaking about their thoughts behind the piece.

This enables the public to truly understand what the artist was thinking when they created their work of art.

Livek hopes the community makes their way to The Vine to see what her students are capable of.

"These students really truly understand that art is about articulating things that you cannot articulate-articulating things visually that you cannot articulate verbally. I think it is important as humans to try to experience that moment when you and the artist create a new understanding between each other," she said.

She hopes by seeing the students' work, others will see their depth of thinking and intent of the technique.

The Vine is located at 1375 Route KK in Osage Beach and is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Thoughts behind the artwork
Sarah Wages

In one corner of The Vine, one will find various pieces created by Senior Sarah Wages.

"The theme behind all of it is nostalgia. Each piece is made up of things nostalgic to me or maybe to the viewer, specificly the installation piece. All of those objects are from my home. I know where they are all from. When you initially look at the piece you see just objects and that is what kind of creates nostalgia. At first you have that memory then it takes over how you feel. The actually feeling part is what is shown on the wall. The art is the shadow that is shown on the wall and it is also the objects that are hanging," Wages said of her piece.

Her unique shadow piece requires the viewer to stand in a particular spot in order truly take in the meaning of the piece.

"The box on the ground is to enable the viewer to see past just the objects and actually expeirece the nostalgia visually," Wages said.

Another large piece was inspired by  Heather Hanson, an artist that was found on Pinterest.

Wages used a drop cloth, charcoal and paint to create a one of a kind piece.

"I was kind of mimicking her movements. I would lay directly flat on the ground and draw as far as my wingspan," Wages said. "I like making art that is not the usual. I just think it is so much more enjoyable to make something new. everything i have done is an experiment that I have decided to keep as a product."

Erica Dorhauer

Senior Erica Dorhauer focused on bringing some issues that are usually hidden to light through her works of art. She featured a series of mental illnesses which brought to light human suffering.

"What I was trying to do was make a visual representation of a certain mental illness and I wanted to be able to allow other people to understand what they go through every day," she said.

She also showcased a series of photos entitled,  "Beautiful things in ugly places."

"I wanted to show how you can change your perspective and see things in a different way," Dorhauer said.

She also created some non objective pieces among her other pieces.  

For Dorhauer, the art gallery has been bittersweet.

"I feel really privileged to get to have my artwork here. It is such a cool feeling to be displayed in such a professional setting and to watch people walk by and talk about it is such a cool experience," she said. "This was king of my last big thing for senior year and I am really excited to graduate but I have always said that Livek has always been a really big inspiration to me so leaving her will one of the hardest things next year. It is kind of bittersweet next year."

Ellie Harmon

CHS Junior Ellie Harmon also brought to light what some may consider some tough topics. One piece focused on human trafficking while others focused on racism and boundaries.

For Harmon, many of her pieces were experiments that came to life and made it into the gallery.

"A lot of it was an experiement. Five pieces were done with crayon. I just wanted to practice because I thought, 'hey, that's something people have not done before,' " she said. "One is about human trafficking and how exotic birds are in cages, the same way with humans on the inside. The sister piece a bird that shows that childlike should be for people."

Harmon hopes that viewers walk away with enjoyment after seeing her pieces since she likes to use various colors. She also wants to use art as a platform to raise awareness on the issues she features.

"I want to raise awareness about things people do not want to talk about," Harmon added.