1 Cheers to
everyone who turned out to support the annual Lake Ozark St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was a great event.

2 Cheers to
the community of Macks Creek, which turned up in full force to celebrate the basketball team’s milestone victory. Without the community’s support, who knows what would have happened this season.

3 Cheers to
the finances in Sunrise Beach, who seem to look up after recent business openings.

1 Jeers to
the amount of time it took to finally sentence Gregory George, who pleaded guilty last week to the murder of Adrianna Hyten. We understand the need to thoroughly examine evidence and build a case, but with the changes of venues and other miscellaneous delays prolonged the suffering of the victim’s family.

2 Jeers to
anyone who didn’t get outside this weekend to enjoy one of the many St. Patrick’s Day events. With the weather finally cooperating, it was a beautiful day to enjoy the fun. Sorry if you missed it!