The Village of Four Seasons has joined several other lake communities in focusing more attention on electrical inspections of docks.

The Village of Four Seasons has joined several other lake communities in focusing more attention on electrical inspections of docks.

The board of trustees Wednesday night added a subsection to the 2011 National Electrical Code that adds several requirements for docks within the Village of Four Seasons. Anyone seeking a permit from Ameren Missouri for any of several docks must pass and obtain an electrical inspection performed by the Village building inspector.

These include:

•Any newly constructed dock after the effective date of the ordinance, which was March 12.

•Any dock that is moved to a new location after March 12.

•Any dock that has an update to its electrical system or structure that results in work being done to the dock’s electrical system.

•Any dock of a private residence that has a transfer of ownership must before obtaining a permit from Ameren obtain an inspection which complies with the 2011 National Electrical Code or any electrical code of the Village of Four Seasons.



Village Trustee Dave Purdue told the board that two groups that normally “adopt” certain roads within the village for trash pickup have dropped out of the program.

“Controlling litter is an important part of our community,” he told the board. “We need somebody to step forward and help.”

The Village budgets funds each year to pay for groups and individuals to pick up trash along the roadsides, so there is money available for those who want to make a little money, he explained.

Those interested can sign up with the Horseshoe Bend Road District as well. The basic request is for areas to be cleaned up a minimum of twice a year, but that has not happened.

There are several regulations involved in the cleanup process, so anyone interested can contact Village Clerk Tom Laird at 573-365-3833.

Purdue also reported that a sign welcoming visitors to the Village is in disrepair. It’s located on the south side of the road near the entrance to the Lodge of Four Seasons, and Village staff will see that the problems are corrected.


Cell tower

Like other communities around the lake and the state, the Village of Four Seasons is concerned about the fallout from telecommunications legislation that awaits Gov. Jay Nixon’s signature.

City Attorney Jon Kaltenbronn said he hasn’t seen the final version of the bill that was adopted by the legislature, but it’s his understanding that nearly every aspect of the Village’s cell tower regulatory authority will be stripped.

He said he would review the legislation and provide options for the trustees to consider protecting the interests of Village residents.


Tree removal

The trustees accepted the low bid of Cooper Siteworks for the removal of trees on a vacant lot owned by the Village where an updated wastewater treatment facility will be located next to the Village.

Trustee Arnold Sandbothe said the lot offers some opportunities, and the Village should work toward bringing in fill material to level the area. Before that happens, several trees must first be removed.

Cooper Siteworks’ bid was $4,230 with Oasis Tree Service bidding $4,985. The Oasis Tree Service bid included grinding the trees into mulch, which can be used by Village employees in several locations. The Cooper bid does not include grinding the trees.