1 Cheers to
the Macks Creek basketball team for earning their first trip to the Final Four. Best of luck in the semifinals and hopefully the finals.

2 Cheers to
the FERC order accepting non-conforming structures as part of Ameren’s Shoreline Management Plan. We hope this is an end to the property rights controversy on the lake.

3 Cheers to
astronaut Mike Hopkins for landing safely back on Earth last night.

1 Jeers to
the people perpetuating rumors about recent deaths in Camden County. Without the medical examiner’s report, it’s impossible to determine what really happened and feuling rumors is not helping the family cope with such a large tragedy.

2 Jeers to
those involved in an alleged assault at the Morgan County Courthouse. After the controversy last year over back pay, the last thing Morgan County government needs is a reason for constituents to not trust it.