The Lake Ozark Police Department will be getting two new police vehicles.

The Lake Ozark Police Department will be getting two new police vehicles.
The board of aldermen voted unanimously to authorize the purchase of two 2014 Ford Police Package utility vehicles with black and white lettering at about $25,846 each, which is slightly below the budgeted amount of $52,000.

City Administrator Dave Van Dee had three options for buying the vehicles. The board decided to order both vehicles now, with one paid for outright and the second on a lease-purchase program with the second payment due in 2015.

Van Dee said there is no penalty for paying for both vehicles in the current fiscal year. He noted this approach buys two vehicles, minimizes the risk of having to use reserve funds and stays within the budget.

Three bids for lease-option financing were received from U.S. Bank (2.25 percent, estimated payment of $25,846), Central Bank Lake of the Ozarks (2.44 percent, payment of $26,190) and Commerce Bank (3.5 percent, payment of $26,750).

The board’s decision included accepting the U.S. Bank bid.
Police Chief Mark Maples told the board that the department’s fleet of all vehicles is in “poor” condition, but the vehicles are not unsafe.

“These are in poor condition because of high mileage and repairs,” he explained. “But they’re maintained to be safe.”

When the new vehicles arrive, the two Dodge Durangos will be removed from service because of continued issues and sold at public auction.
“The longer we wait to address the police fleet issues, the more money we spend on vehicle repairs due to the condition of some of the cars in the fleet,” Maples told the board in his report.

Magic Dragon
The board formally approved a Special Event Application for the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals scheduled in Lake Ozark May 2-4.

John Caran, chairman, told the board that although the show will be slightly smaller with a limit of 1,000 vehicles it will be enhanced and of higher quality.

Highlights include:
•The show will run from noon Friday, May 2, through Sunday afternoon, May 4. Participants have been invited to the lake on May 1 for a poker run involving participating restaurants.
•Bagnell Dam Blvd. will be closed from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday only. No road closure on Friday or Sunday. The upper barricade will be near the old Country Store, and the lower barricade just before Bagnell Dam. Car show participant parking will be end-to-end down the middle of the street.
•On Sunday, May 4, a small area from Dogpatch to Old Time Photos will be barricaded for judging of vehicles.
•Air conditioned, luxury shuttles will be provided to and from parking areas. The shuttles will use Valley Road with drop-offs at the top and bottom of the Strip. Spectators can use a tractor and trailer for transportation up and down the Strip.
•All vendors will be placed on private property and not on sidewalks and streets. Most vendors will be car part/accessory related with some food and miscellaneous vendors on the bottom half of the Strip to encourage spectators and car participants to use the entire Strip.  
•An awards ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. Saturday for the Rotary Club car giveaway at the old Amish Country Store.
•An awards ceremony for car judging awards will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday.
An additional agreement was approved between the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and city that removes the city from liability and discrimination that may occur during the car show.
Also, fees totaling $650 were waived for the Lake Area Chamber as a non-profit organization despite a comment from Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos that the city does incur some legal and manpower costs.

Other business
•The board approved a letter of intent for a Sunday/City Liquor License for Smokin’ Guns Restaurant & Saloon, to be located in the former Shady’s Bar & Grill.
•The board approved a letter of intent for a caterers permit for Lucky’s Bar & Grill during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
•The board accepted a bid from Hydro-Spec in the amount of $22,500 to clean and power wash the inside and outside of the city’s two water towers.
•The board approved the reappointments of Michael Sherer and Joe Page to the TIF Commission.