In a recent national poll, North Korea was named the most disliked country by Americans. Canada ran a close second for having sent Justin Bieber to us here in the states.

In a recent national poll, North Korea was named the most disliked country by Americans. Canada ran a close second for having sent Justin Bieber to us here in the states. In all seriousness I doubt very much that former NBA player Dennis Rodman knows what a horrible and cruel friend he has in current North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un. If he wasn't such a publicity whore perhaps he would take the time to understand the brutality of his new buddy's regime in North Korea.

Following in the footsteps of former dictators Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, third generation dictator Kim Jung Un has perpetuated the terror begun by his family years ago. A new report finds that there is widespread hunger among the people of North Korea as the regime continues to focus on continued obscene expenditures for the country's military. The news is tightly controlled by the government and military which blocks all but pro-government information from the people.

The internet is tightly controlled and very little of what the government doesn't want seen by the people gets through. Although North Korea has built a high rise modern city, it is void of cars, people or anyone other than hand picked family's of high ranking government officials. The only time the government entertains the masses to the city is when they are shipped in for government sponsored rallies to honor the "Great dictator" Kim Jung Un. Every home is required to have Kim's picture displayed prominently and there is no open opposition tolerated.

Any anti-government dissent is dealt with in brutal fashion. If a North Korean is accused of acting contrary to the dictatorship not only is the accused arrested and sent to a concentration camp, so is his entire family. An accusation is the same as guilt and very few legal trials are held for these so called "traitors to the state."

Once confined to one of North Korea's dozen or so concentration camps, the unimaginable horror begins. Starvation is used as a means of breaking the prisoner's will and brutality is the daily norm. The camps are devoid of grass, rodents, birds or trees having all been consumed by the starving prisoners. It has been reported that men, women and children are subjected to torture at the behest of the government for the most minor infraction of these prison's rules. People disappear to these concentration camps never to be heard from again. The reports from these camps comes from prison camp guards who have deserted their posts and escaped to the south.

The great leader of this new Nazi state is a seemingly un-opposing little circus monkey, Kim Jung Un. He sports the crazy hairstyle common to past dictators while wearing nondescript pajamas and indulging privately in everything western. What underlies his clown like, unassuming appearance is his viciousness, (he recently had his own uncle shot). Whenever criticized by the west he often retaliates by threats to unleash nuclear weapons on his neighbors in the south or the United States.

And why you ask haven't the western powers done something about this little horrible man? Why haven't we wiped this blemish on the behind of humanity off the planet? He has nukes and he is backed by China. Unfortunately unless Kim and his military gang attack a western interest or invade a neighboring country allied with the west, his depravity will continue on his own people unhindered by the civilized world.

I say that this violation of human rights cannot endure and these power hungry criminals will one day have a confrontation with the civilized world. One day North Korea will provoke the West and on that day there will be a reckoning the likes of which Kim could never imagine. Like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein who came before him, Kim will attempt to expand his empire and that will spell his inevitable undoing.