A sentencing hearing has been scheduled once again for the shooter in a double homicide that occurred in the Versailles area last year.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled once again for the shooter in a double homicide that occurred in the Versailles area last year.

Derrell Spellmeyer, 44, entered an open plea of guilty in Morgan County Circuit Court Feb. 21 with Judge Stan Moore. His sentencing hearing will be held June 12.

It was the second time the defendant in the murders of Freddie and Carol Wilson entered a guilty plea for his role in shooting the couple at their home south of Versailles on Feb. 4, 2013.

Spellmeyer originally entered a guilty plea with Judge Kenneth Hayden in Morgan County Circuit on Nov. 14. The case got off-track, however, during a sentencing hearing Jan. 16 when it was found that Spellmeyer changed his story slightly in a sentencing assessment report compiled by the Missouri Department of Corrections. He claimed that the gun went off by accident.

After reviewing the report, Hayden set aside Spellmeyer's guilty plea. Spellmeyer was granted leave to withdraw his plea, but the defense did not request a withdrawal of the petition to enter a guilty plea. Hayden then recused himself from the case.

Spellmeyer's case remained in Morgan County Circuit Court, reassigned to Judge Moore, while two other suspects in the case, Garland and Mandy Mitchell, received a change of venue to Camden County.

Moore reviewed Spellmeyer's case Feb. 13 and scheduled another review for April before the defendant renewed his guilty plea Feb. 21. Spellmeyer's plea is again an open guilty plea, which is a non-negotiated plea and makes the defendant eligible for the maximum penalty of each charge under state statute.

Spellmeyer is charged with two counts of murder in the second degree and two counts of armed criminal action. The maximum punishment for second degree murder is life in prison. Armed criminal action is punishable with three years to eternity.

Spellmeyer was arrested along with Garland Mitchell, 45, and Mandy Mitchell, 28, near the Wilson's home on Dorsey Lane south of Versailles shortly after a 911 call from Carol Wilson reporting that she had been shot.

According to the probable cause statement issued by the Morgan County Sheriff's Department, a white van with Spellmeyer and the Mitchells inside swerved and hit a patrol car as it responded to the call.

The trio were taken into custody at the scene of the crash where officers recovered a .32 caliber hand gun, a bottle of Hydrocodone belonging to Carol Wilson and a .32 caliber casing. Officers also reported blood on Spellmeyer's hands and clothing.

In a later interview with detectives, court documents state that Spellmeyer admitted to doing the shooting.

Court documents also state that the Mitchells told detectives that they drove Spellmeyer to the Wilson residence to obtain drugs. Although they did not enter the home, the Mitchells said they recalled hearing gunshots a short time later.

All three then fled the scene in the van before encountering officers.