Construction to establish a wastewater treatment system in the Village of Sunrise Beach just got underway in December, but pressing needs in the community and outlying environs are already showing the need for more.

Construction to establish a wastewater treatment system in the Village of Sunrise Beach just got underway in December, but pressing needs in the community and outlying environs are already showing the need for more.

The Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees held a wide-ranging discussion Monday evening on some of the village's next steps for extending the sewer.

In a four to one vote, the board selected Bill McCaffree to continue as the village's attorney for sewer projects.

Trustee Ray Kline was the lone vote against McCaffree, after asking the board to consider a proposal from Greg Williams, a local lawyer and the city's regular legal counsel and prosecuting attorney.

McCaffree is a legal specialist in the sewer and water field and has served as the village's attorney for phase one sewer and phase two water.

The board also decided to have its Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for an engineering firm rewritten and readvertised to include a facility plan in addition to a sewer line extension and expansion of the wastewater treatment plan.

The village is applying for a design grant through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Small Community Engineering Assistance Program. In a letter to the city, the DNR stated that a request for proposals for an engineer should include the need for a facility plan for the project that was detailed in the RFQ drafted by Williams.

With McCaffree taking over the legal work for the next phase of sewer, he was assigned to amend the RFQ.

While the original outlook for phase two sewer was just for a sewer line extension and plant expansion, recent developments have suggested that another plant may be needed sooner than anticipated.

As the first phase of sewer has gotten underway, residential neighborhoods surrounding the city as well as commercial development to the east of the city have expressed interest in getting help with wastewater issues.

But the north side of town has also been waiting patiently for sewer for some time. Attending the meeting Feb. 10, Matt Sutcliffe with Bear Bottom Resort said he has been delaying plans to expand his business as he waits see what the municipality will do.

With all the interest, Trustee Chairman Curt Mooney acknowledged the need to possibly do more with phase two sewer.

"I think if we get the funding right for phase two, the [current] plant couldn't hold it all. There are a lot of places we need to include," he said.

For the extension to his business, Sutcliffe proposed that he and possibly a couple of other businesses could provide some of the funding upfront in exchange for some future credit on user fees to get the project going more quickly.

If it is a relatively uncomplicated extension, the project could be something the city does through a more simple funding process which would be outside of a phased plan that utilizes state or federal monies.

A lot of the issue depends on the treatment plant and how and when it must be expanded as sewer line gets extended to more and more areas.

Trustees agreed to consider Sutcliffe's concept as they begin planning for the next steps in wastewater infrastructure.

Other Sunrise Beach news

• A proposed amendment to the Sunrise Beach Market Center tax increment financing plan and agreement was approved by the board of trustees Feb. 10. The amendment will extend the duration of the TIF from 18 to 20 years to split the cost of site work overruns between the community and Super Market Developers Inc. - a subsidiary of Associated Grocers. A TIF captures property tax and sales tax revenue to help offset specific challenges to development - site excavation and professional fees in the case of Sunrise Beach Market Center - to make a project feasible. The TIF extension along with a bump up from 3/4-cent to 1-cent in the sales tax rate of the Community Improvement District on the site will provide an additional $710,000 to the developer. The project was impacted by a cell tower near the entrance of the property and subsequent issues with a retaining wall along with more rock than anticipated. While the store has been sold to an investor, the lease back to the grocer leaves all of the the responsibilities of the property with the developer, Super Market Developers, Inc. Vice President Scott Wilmoski.

• The phase one sewer project is having a rough time making much headway with 22 weather days so far as the area has been hit by snow and extreme cold since the first of the year. According to project manager Mike DeLong, P.E., with Schultz Surveying & Engineering, only 30 weather days are allowed in the contract. He estimated that the treatment plant would be going in by the end of the month and that construction should largely be done by the end of March. The board decided to advertise for bids for a sewer operator until Public Works Director Barry Campbell gets enough experience to operate the system.

• The board also approved the final reading of an ordinance to annex residences on Ambrosia Ln. near Captain Ron's Bar & Grill. The stated intent for the annexation petition was to eventually get sewer service.